Mindful May Meditation Challenge 2022

Wellness coach
April 27, 2022
Mindful May Meditation Challenge 2022

If workouts are cupcakes then challenges are their sprinkles on top. Let’s level up the wellness game by being more mindful in May and taking up SARVA’s Mindful May challenge.

The rules of the challenge are simple, learn how to mindfully manage your mental health and nutrition while also improving your physical health.

Mindful In May Challenge

SARVA believes in holistic transformation, thus the Mindful May challenge comprises two activities which will help you be more mindful in May. Here are the activities.

Mindful May Meditation Challenge

Challenge : Tratak (Gazing). Tratak means to gaze steadily without blinking the eyes. This is one of the premeditative tools which is performed with the eyes. Hatha Yoga Pradipika defines it as one of the Shatkarmas.

Duration for the challenge -

  • Beginner - 30 sec to 1 min
  • Intermediate - 2 to 3 mins
  • Advance - 5 mins

How do you do the mindfulness challenge?

For the Mindful May Meditation challenge, you need a dark room to practice candle gazing. The room should be devoid of dirt, insects, and any distracting sounds or smells. It should not be too airy as it is important that the candle flame be steady and not flicker at all. It is preferable that one does not use any type of glasses during practice.

Steps to follow for the Mindful May Meditation challenge

  1. Assume a comfortable sitting position, spine in a neutral position; the rest of your body should be relaxed.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind. Concentrated deep breaths will allow you to empty your mind of any diverting thought.
  3. Softly open your eyes and begin to gaze at the tip of the flame.
  4. Do not strain your eyes by forcefully keeping them wide open.
  5. Try not to blink your eyes or move your eyeballs. However, if it is a must then you may blink or move your gaze.
  6. Continue gazing at the flame for 2-3 minutes with complete awareness. With regular practice, you can increase the timing to 5 minutes.

In the process, if you feel that your eyes are filling with tears, allow them to roll down your cheeks. This signifies the endpoint of practice. Now close your eyes and try to visualize the image of the candle flame in between your eyebrows. Once the after image begins to fade, open your eyes and again gaze at the flame, especially at the tip of the flame. The ultimate purpose is to lengthen the timing of inner gazing as much as possible.

It is recommended that you wash your face and eyes after tratak.

Benefits of Mindful May Meditation challenge Tratak’s mindful meditation benefits are as follows:

  • Candle gazing is a static tratak that works directly on developing concentration.
  • It is therapeutic in cases of depression, insomnia, allergies, anxiety(one of the best meditations for anxiety), postural problems, poor concentration, and memory.
  • Helps develop stronger willpower. Also, promotes mindfulness and happiness.
  • People with weak eyesight or weak eye muscles can greatly benefit with the regular practice of Tratak.
  • It has been found that it helps neutralize tendencies like anger, short temper, suspicion, irritation, and resentment for one month.

Disclaimer: Be careful of the following points while performing the Mindful May Meditation challenge.

  • One suffering from hypertension should perform Shavasana before performing Tratak.
  • Do not rub your eyes immediately after tratak.
  • Do not read or watch any form of screen immediately after tratak.
  • Do not repeat tratak more than thrice in one sitting.

Mindful in May: No Sugar Challenge

Wondering how to mindfully manage your diet? Take a 3 day no sugar challenge.

Sugar is naturally present in many food items such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc which then gets broken down into glucose and provides energy to the body.

Whereas there are few food items like packaged breakfast cereals, ice cream, cookies, cakes, candy, soda, jaggery, methai, sweetened coffee/tea, etc. where sugar is added during the preparation.

So is sugar bad? It is not a Nutrient! It can be consumed in limited quantities occasionally but not EVERYDAY.

Sugar is 8 times as addictive as hard drugs. This is the reason why while having a small piece of chocolate, people end up having more than that small piece.

Try to cut down and eventually quit adding sugar to our diet. No Honey, No Jaggery, No sugar [white/brown], not even in your tea and coffee.

Join SARVA in the Mindful May Meditation challenge by following the meditation routine and being mindful of your diet and nutrition.