No Excuses November Challenge

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October 30, 2022
No Excuses November Challenge

“I am not working out today, because I have a function at home”, “I was busy in a meeting, so will not workout today”, “I am tired today and feel lazy”

and the list of excuses never ends. This November let's say No to excuses and YES to become more mobilised. As we know, our body has two major joints - Hips & Shoulders. Both of these joints are responsible and affect our daily activities. Whether it is about sitting down on the ground or performing any yoga pose, these two joints play a major role. Therefore, this month’s challenges are interesting and you will love performing them. One for your shoulder and one for your hips, try both of them and feel the difference.

No excuses November challenge:

The purpose of the No excuse November challenge is to bring mobility in some form. There are two challenges for this month, pick a specific challenge for your respective members or choose both if needed. Select the challenge by their body types and requirements. The first challenge is for hip-opening and flexibility while the second pose is

Challenge #1 - Forward bend in Badhakon Asana (Butterfly pose) with knees on the ground:

In this challenge, practice different hip & pelvis stretches like frog pose, horse riding pose, side splits, lizard pose, pigeon pose etc. Take help of bricks if needed.

Beginner - Sit straight with the knees on the ground. Intermediate - Hunch the back and touch forehead to the toes. Elbows bent inside. Advance - Bend forward down with flat back and arms stretched forward. Abs over the feet, chest and forehead over the mat.

Challenge #2 - Gaumukh Asana (Cow face pose)

In the second challenge, practice shoulder rotations, puppy pose, shoulder twists, namastey on back etc. Take help of a belt if needed.

Beginner - Hook the fingers behind. Intermediate - Hold the palms behind. Advance - Hold the wrists/ forearms behind.

*Warning: Be extremely careful & cautious while attempting the challenge that is mentioned above.

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