Open Body October Challenge

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September 27, 2022
Open Body October Challenge

What if the body is too stiff to move freely? Would you be able to enjoy life freely and without the fear of injury? The answer is definitely "no." We bend so we don't break. A flexible body will have a positive mindset, improved mobility, posture, and muscle coordination, reducing the risk of injuries and muscle soreness. Guess what’s in store for you in the "Open Body October challenge"?

The Open Body October Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to transform your stiff body into a flexible one, and yes, you can do it. There are a total of two Open Body October challenges, from which one can be chosen as per your body type.

Note: Dedicatedly take out at least 5 mins from each session to practice and prepare for the same. Try to achieve the best possible by the end of the month.

Forward bend:

Not for those who are suffering from any back injury/ pain or have gone through any kind of back surgery in recent times. It can be challenged with either PADAHASTASANA or PASCHIMOTTANASANA. Challenge is to reach a suitable position from below. Beginner: Holding the shin or ankles.

Intermediate: Gripping the toes. Forehead to the knees.

Advance: Interlocking fingers underneath the feet while bending the elbows and bringing the forehead towards the shin.

Backward bend:

Not for those who have digestive issues or who have recently had surgery or an injury to the front of the body.The posture is Chakrasana/Dhanurasana. In this, the challenge is to hold the particular pose for the minimum suitable duration given below. Beginner: 15 to 29 secs

Intermediate: 25 to 35 secs

Advance: 45 sec to 1 min

Warning: Be extremely careful & cautious while attempting the challenge that is mentioned above.

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