Super September Challenge

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August 28, 2022
Super September Challenge

Hey superhuman! Yes, you. Did you know that every ordinary human is an extraordinary being with exceptional qualities? A person turns out to be a superhuman not by birth but through perseverance and dedication. This month is dedicated to bringing out the hidden "superhuman" inside you. So get ready to experience super strength in your body systems with our super September challenge. Can you already guess the challenge?

Super September Challenge:

The purpose of “Super September Challenge” is to strengthen your abdominal muscles, release blockages, and has a regulating effect on the entire digestive system. In Shatkarma, which are the preparatory practices of yoga, there is one Kriya mentioned which is beneficial not only to internal organs but also to tone up the body. The name of the Kriya is "Nauli". This is a self-administered abdominal massage.

How to perform?

Steps -

  1. Stand on your feet keeping them about shoulder distance apart.
  2. Bend forward and place your palms over the knees. Now, perform Uddiyan Banda.
  3. For the first few days, exhale your breath and do Kumbhaks while practicing Uddiyana Banda in this position. Push the abdomen inwards, towards the spine as much as possible. Gradually transfer a part of your body weight onto your hands and then onto your knees.
  4. Keep your neck and shoulders straight. Exhale through nostrils. Bend your neck downwards: Leave your belly and belly muscles
  5. loose while stretching it a little towards your chest in the middle of your abdomen, try to make a tubular shape while drawing the abdomen and viscera inwards.
  6. This tubular shape of the abdomen is called Nauli (elongated boat-shaped). Regular practice enables you to do this perfectly.

*Note: Take caution to take light food and keep the stomach clean before practicing it.

Movement of Nauli - Press your right hand over the Nauli & the Nauli is seen to be moving towards the left of your stomach. Similarly, if the left hand is pressed, the Nauli will move towards the right. Thus, the Nauli can be moved from left to right and from right to left. Once you attain perfection in practicing, move the Nauli from night to left and left to right with speed, in quick succession

*Note: All Kriyas (activities) of Nauli should be performed after exhaling and in Bahya Kumbhaka.


  • Beginner- 5 to 10 movements
  • Intermediate - 10-15 movements
  • Advance - 20+ movements

*Warning: Be extremely careful & cautious while attempting the challenge that is mentioned above.

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