Diva Yoga

Yoga improves mental health. It's a no-brainer!

N. Divya
March 28, 2021
Yoga improves mental health. It's a no-brainer!

Mental health is widely used in reference to an individual's emotional and psychological state, and well being. Everything around is which, affects us, contributes to our mental state. Mental states are disturbed by a variety of factors. The Nature vs Nurture debate has lasted long with mental health professionals. Now, it is found that your biology and your environment both have an effect on your mental health.

As incidents of psychological disorders and mental health breakdowns have increased greatly in the last few years, the world grows more aware of the importance of mental health and many methods of treatment and management.

In this age, the connection between mental health and the ancient practice of Yoga is being revisited for therapy and coping with mental illness. In Yogic philosophy, the union of the mind-body-soul is through the intricate balance between these concepts. In the practice for this balanced mental state to be achieved, great emphasis is laid on good mental health, helping break mental blocks, eradicating negative self-talk, boosting self-esteem and cultivating feelings of belongingness.

Some form of exercise is recommended by all psychologists along with other therapies. Yoga has over the years known to have many benefits, often been a key in people's lives to find purpose, beating existential crisis and associating appropriate meaning and interpreting situations in an apt fashion to live a fulfilling life.

A large proportion of mental health disturbances are due to the perception of the situation with a dependent stressor. Be it in the environment or a genetic condition, the appraisal of the problem being ‘separate’ from the individual experiencing it, is the reason why their behaviour is perceived as ‘dysfunctional’ in the society. Yoga allows acceptance and union at a deep level allowing harmonious integration of the parts which the individual is at war with.

Mindfulness is suggested by mental health professionals in the treatment of ALL mental health disorders. The main and underlying principle of Yoga requires the practitioner to be in the moment and experience it in its totality. Daily mindfulness practice has found to rewire the brain and reports enhanced daily experiences and a higher quality of life, compared to other management techniques.

Yoga helps in the deconditioning of harmful and toxic behaviours, a process which takes many trials and errors with the psychological methodology. A greater level of awareness of one's actions allows the individual to become more aware of how they perceive the happening or situation, avoiding the disruption of peace and mental stability.

Another important factor which causes the onset of many mental disorders is - stress. The more stressed you are, the greater the chances of a bevvy of mental and physical dysfunctions. Stress release through Yoga and meditation practice is one of the main reasons that Yoga is now a global phenomenon and the poster of the wellness industry.

The ability to be in harmony with one's thoughts actions and behaviour regardless of how you associate them to a personal life philosophy is the true sign of mental well-being and peace.