But why do you need Personal Training?

Do you feel left behind in a group class? Are the workouts too fast or too slow? Why not train with one dedicated coach JUST FOR YOU?


Personal training for a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually HEALTHIER you.

We do everything from making a routine, planning the next workout and diet plan, giving you advice on how to destress and helping you be fitter + stronger + leaner + calmer. Your coach will handhold you through the entire transformation journey.


Trainers from Rishikesh, India, blending authenticity with modernity.

Trained in Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world. Well-versed with the ancient Yoga Sutras, the modern human anatomy, and the spiritual workings of the mind. Our trainers have a collective experience of over 150 years and are nothing short of excellent. Imagine getting all this over one-on-one sessions.

Meet your yoga trainers

Jahnavi Patwardhan

Jahnavi Patwardhan

Our weight loss expert, teaches traditional high intensity classes.

Basavaraj Saunshi

Basavaraj Saunshi

Certified Ashtanga practitioner, teaches full body toning in power-packed sessions.

Nagendra Thakur

Nagendra Thakur

Strength training expert, teaches very high-intensity core toning flows.


We are pretty FLEXIBLE

Not just because we are Yogis, we’re flexible becaue we are available at your preferred time, for your preferred health goal with your preferred form of yoga.


Anytime expert support for anytime fitness.

“I have time only at 5.30 am or 9.30 pm” our answer, “No problem, we’ll make it work”. Office timings clashing? Going on vacation? Schedule a session at your convenience. Accidentally ate a burger? Your coach will bring you back from that guilt trip.

Join the million-strong Yoga and mindfulness movement.

SARVA: Your one-stop virtual Yoga studio.

Stories from our community

From incorporating mindfulness in the classroom to having virtual yoga practice with friends around the world, tune in to see how our community uses SARVA.

My perception of yoga being a boring form of exercise changed once I started practicing with SARVA. My stamina and mobility have definitely improved and now I look forward to each session.



I was not a yoga fan till the time I practiced yoga with SARVA, and I must say it has done wonders for both my physical and mental health. I now feel mentally strong and at ease to face the daily challenges and the stress which comes with them.


Dr. Illasha

My anxiety and depression were reduced by 60% if I must say and this is possible because of SARVA and with daily practice of yoga. I highly recommend SARVA yoga to all those facing issues they think have no cure.



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