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5 asanas to build your kid's immunity against flu

Siddhi Pareek
January 03, 2021
5 asanas to build your kid's immunity against flu

‘I am down with viral,’ is perhaps the most common answer you hear from an unwell person. Most of us suffer from occasional viral infections or the common cold or flu. Seasonal weather changes, increase in pollution levels, heightened stress levels are some of the common reasons for the body’s immunity levels to go down and fail at resisting infection. While the flu affects all age groups it is extremely worrisome when your child falls prey to it. It is observed that the contraction of common flu and its proliferation rate is high amongst children. There are varied precaution measures that can be taken to avoid a flu situation in kids. Immunity boosting multivitamins, hygiene etiquettes and healthy eating habits are some great prevention tools. But what also goes a long way in inculcating a good physical activity regime for your children. The benefits of yoga towards boosting a healthy immune system are well known and making it a part of your child’s life is an effective shielding measure you can take.

Following are five simple yoga asanas that help regulate the immune system, keep it strong and healthy to endure infections and boosts the immune function.

1. Dhanurasana

The Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose stretches your stomach, chest, back, and neck. It helps in better breathing otherwise, and also when down with cold. The bow pose helps you relax and reduce stress levels. It also proves to be a great relaxing exercise and enables better sleep when down with flu or cold.

2. Halasana

Halasana helps in better blood circulation. It is a great pose to eliminate toxins from the body. Thus eliminating pathogens and resulting in increased immunity levels. It helps you keep cold at bay and also helps individuals suffering from sinusitis.

3. Uttanasana

The Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend enhances blood circulation. It infuses the flow of fresh blood to the head. The pose helps in clearing out cold blockages and also helps cases of sinuses. The pose also helps in relieving stress. It also greatly invigorates the nervous system as it assists in better blood circulation.

4. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as the Downward Dog Stretch, this asana results in the reverse-pull of gravity that aids in the better circulation of the lymph and blood. The free flow of lymph throughout the body enables to drain out flu-related blockages.

5. Matsyasana

In matsyasna, one raises their chest and the throat opens up. This posture improves breathing and helps in resistance as well as cure of common cold.

With these 5 asanas, you no longer have to fear the fearsome cold!