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Answers to all your questions:

Can I learn Yoga myself?

Technically you can, but practising yoga unguided increases the risk of injuries/body imbalances. Our expert trainers have more than 5 years of Yoga experience and will guide you through each pose and flow perfectly.

I am not flexible, can I do Yoga online?

You definitely can. There is no requirement for you to be flexible to practise Yoga. All you need is a mat and a positive attitude. With the guidance and support from our highly experienced Yoga instructors, you can ace any pose and can improve not just flexibility but also strength and mobility.

Can a beginner learn yoga at home?

Anyone with the right mindset can learn Yoga. With SARVA’s LIVE Personal Yoga Training anyone can learn and practice Yoga at home, irrespective of their age, gender and level of intensity.

What’s special about SARVA?

Our highly experienced trainers from Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, goal-based hyper personalized Yoga session, customized diet plans and 24*7 expert trainer support makes us best in class.

How many months will it take to learn Yoga?

You will learn the basics in the first 40 minutes of your class. Then as you build up, you will begin to learn more. Learning Yoga is a life-long process however you can become a higher level practitioner with consistent practice.

Why entrust SARVA with your health goals?

Workout slots available in different time zones.

Science-backed Yoga flows and techniques.

Guided and goal-oriented sessions.

Lifestyle and nutrition counseling.

Constant expert support.

New workouts everyday, 25 unique forms of yoga.

Your doubts, answered by our yogis

MYTH : I am not flexible, I can’t do Yoga online.

“I never thought I could do such a difficult pose while practicing yoga online. Actually, I cannot believe that I even did this full Chakrasana.”

MYTH: I am afraid of getting injured in online yoga classes.

“Aditiji, I was afraid I will hurt myself while doing difficult poses alone but your guidance was amazing. Thanks a lot!”

MYTH: I thought I would need a trainer’s physical presence to do Yoga.

“Online yoga was a little difficult to start. But once I got used to it and instructions by Ashu made it easier for me to practise yoga. I even attempted a hand-stand and I am so glad with the progress I've made.”

MYTH: There is no benefit of online classes.

*“What makes me wanna continue with SARVA Yoga online: No time waste to go to the studio and search for parking space etc. 0$ for gas. hahahaha 💸💰 ” *

Practising at home means no COVID tension.🤧🤒

“She’s always smiling and pushes me to achieve what I think is impossible. luv her 💙 I dont have to come to India to find a trainer. I dont even have to comb my hair! lol 😂😂😂 ”

MYTH: My teacher cannot see me clearly so my posture will be wrong.

“I really enjoyed today’s Yoga session with Ritika Rathore. She focuses so well and she helped me correct my asanas alignment. She makes me feel very comfortable. It was amazing a feel way more release after the class and calmer, and IT IS SUCH A GREAT TEACHER!! I totally recommend her.😊⁩ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ”


Dhineli De Zilwa

Dhineli De Zilwa


You can either download the SARVA App and claim your 7 day FREE access or book a LIVE 1-on-1 Personal Yoga Training session for just Rs. 49/-

With best-in-class workout experience and highly experienced trainers, well versed in authentic Yoga forms SARVA can help you get fit and master Yoga flows in no time.

Learning Yoga from authentic trainers who provide guided and goal-based training is better as it saves both time and money read more here and leaves no scope of excuses.

On average, a session of Personal Yoga Training will cost you less than a keychain.

We generally suggest the form of yoga depending on what your goal is. If your goal is weight loss, high-intensity yoga forms are more suited for fat burning and other allied weight loss functions. If your goal is pain management or managing a disorder then Therapy Yoga is the best type. If your goal is posture alignment then Danda Yoga is best suited to you. Traditional forms of Yoga like Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga are compatible with most of the goals depending on particular flows that can be designed by certified yogis.

You can book a trial session by visiting https://www.sarva.com/

SARVA’s provides a one-stop solution to all your health problems, be it stress, weight loss, pain management, therapy or general fitness our experts are available 24*7 in different time zones to help you enhance your life with Yoga.

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Jennifer Lopez

“Whether it's being mindful about what one eats, the kind of exercise the body needs through the different phases in one's life, or the thoughts we manifest, the mind-body soul connection is key. ”

Jennifer Lopez