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Learn guided meditation for beginners

Which meditation is recommended for beginners?

Body scan technique is a very effective technique for beginners to start meditation. The technique allows you to reconnect with your body and notice sensations.

How long should I meditate for the first time?

The ideal recommended time for mindfulness meditation for beginners is 5 minutes, but a person can choose the duration depending on their convenience.

What are the 3 types of meditation?

The 3 best meditation yoga techniques for beginners are: Mantra meditation Focused meditation Mindfulness meditation

What are the basic steps to meditate as a beginner?

The steps for mindful meditation for beginners are as follows: Sit in any comfortable pose. Breath/ inhale deeply and gently close your eyes. Now draw complete awareness of your body and your thoughts; release all the tension. Focus on your breath & feel positive energy near you. Sit in the same position for some time and slowly open your eyes.

What are the 5 ways to meditate as a beginner?

The meditation yoga techniques for beginners include- body scan, mindfulness meditation, breathing meditation, concentration meditation, and mantra meditation.

Mindful meditation for beginners?

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The goal of this guided meditation is to explore your relationship with your body. This meditation will increase your awareness about yourself, your body and empower you to know yourself better.


The steps for mindfulness meditation for beginners are as follows: Sit in any comfortable position or lie down, if required you can use a wall or pillow for support. Gently close your eyes and notice your body. Try to breathe naturally and focus on each breath, how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Practise this for 5 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the time.

You can start meditation at home as a beginner by practising along with SARVA’s guided meditation playlist. The basic steps for mindful meditation for beginners are as follows Prepare yourself to meditate. Start with a short time and gradually increase the duration. Gather everything you might need for meditation. It may be a pillow, headphones, a mat, etc. Select one quiet space for meditation. Fix a time slot to meditate and focus on your breath. Tune into the SARVA App and try any of our guided meditation playlists for beginners.

Meditation is also part of yoga. After yoga, your body is ready to do meditation. Yoga focuses on internal, external, and mental stability. Meditation focuses only on mental stability and gives your body the strength to heal and transform itself.

Yes. Ideally, a yoga session should be followed or preceded by a quick meditation session.

There are a lot of benefits of meditation, some of them are: Reduce stress. Keep you calm. Improve mental health. Improve memory. Increase willpower.

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