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Learn Yoga from the safety of your home with top yoga coaches from Rishikesh, India (the Yoga capital of the world). Now available in your time zone.


Learn yoga at home with your personal yoga coach

Can I do yoga at home by myself?

Working out with random videos from internet can be risky and boring. But with an expert personal yoga coach you can not just learn yoga at home but also get guided and goal-based workout experience.

Can I lose weight by doing yoga at home?

Yoga is proven to be one of the effective, natural and sustainable form of workout for weight loss. Practice yoga at home with your yoga coach who will help you reach your ideal weight in no time.

How often should I do yoga at home?

7 days a week, 365 days a year. Either practice it pre, post or as a main workout there is no such thing as too much yoga. Practice yoga conveniently at home or on the go with your personal yoga coach.

What time is best for yoga?

When it comes to yoga there is no such thing as “best time”, just roll out your mat and start practicing. Though, it is advisable to keep a gap of atleast 2 hours between your last meal and practice.

How many minutes should I practice yoga in a day?

The ideal time duration for yoga, breathing and mindfulness practices is 60 minutes. But amidst hectic schedule and responsibilities, one should try to dedicate atleast 45 mins. daily to yoga.

Why yoga at home?

Workout slots available in different time zones.

Science-backed Yoga flows and techniques.

Guided and goal-oriented sessions.

Constant expert support.

Lifestyle and nutrition counseling.

New workouts everyday, 25 unique forms of yoga.


You can either download the SPracting yoga at home with SARVA is simple. Just book a trial session, tell us about your health goal and start your guided workout experience with top yoga coaches from India.ARVA App and claim your 7 day FREE access or book a LIVE 1-on-1 Personal Yoga Training session for just Rs. 49/-

The mode of training becomes irrelevant when you’re working out with a personal yoga coach, who has a professional teaching experience of more than 5 years and who will never leave you feeling unattended with their constant expert support.

You can practise yoga without a teacher. But the workout will be unguided, generic and can lead to injuries or muscle pulls. Learn yoga at home with a customized plan and a personal yoga coach for sustainable results.

At SARVA we don’t differentiate between the level of intensities, health goals, age, gender, lifestyle etc. As long as you have a zeal to transform we have a yoga session for you. After all SARVA means all.

Sign up for a trial session of SARVA Personal Yoga Training, workout with the best yoga coaches and learn yoga at home while you train to become holistically healthy with yoga, breathing and mindfulness practices.

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“Whether it's being mindful about what one eats, the kind of exercise the body needs through the different phases in one's life, or the thoughts we manifest, the mind-body soul connection is key. ”

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