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Yoga for Neck Pain

Learn yoga techniques to manage and sustainably reduce neck pains. Improve posture and spinal health with authentic yoga for neck pain techniques.


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How do I relieve neck pain in 5 minutes?

The quickest way to relieve pain is by bringing mobility to that area. You can try yoga poses for neck pain like neck rotations, shoulder socket rotation, shoulder scapular squeeze, cat and cow pose, etc. Ensure to be gentle with your practice and preferably do it under expert supervision.

What is the best way to stop neck pain?

You cannot immediately stop neck pain naturally, but with a regular practise of yoga for neck pain flows you can gradually lessen the intensity. Other than that try to keep your neck straight, avoid forward neck bending, and work on improving your posture.

How should I sleep to avoid neck pain?

Be conscious of your sleep posture. Try to sleep in supine position or side position( lateral) and avoid using a pillow.

How do I loosen up my neck muscles?

You can strengthen the neck muscles and improve mobility by following a routine of yoga for neck pain flows. Other than that you can practise isolated stretches, anulom viloma pranayama, or take acupressure therapy.

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Dhineli De Zilwa

Dhineli De Zilwa


Definitely, yoga for neck pain is proven to have positive results. Yoga helps to open all the energy blockages from the joints and improve the range of motion. With a constant practise of yoga for neck pain, one can release tension from the cervical area. Yoga for neck pain also helps in strengthening the neck, upper back, and shoulder muscles.

There are many yoga poses for neck pain, like, neck movement/rotations. Satyananda yoga is best for therapeutic yoga or pain relief. This gentle form of yoga allows a slow and systematic way that actually heals the body deeply on the physical and emotional levels. The series of pawanmukatasana 1 is highly recommended for those who have neck pain in the joints or anywhere else in the body. Practise yoga for neck pain with your personal coach for best results.

Yoga is a better choice when it comes to neck pain and relieving pain in the upper body. Yoga for neck pain not just works on the physical aspects but also improves your pain tolerance. Yoga for neck pain also enhances your overall posture and spinal health.

Both Yoga and Pilates are good for flexibility but Pilates restricts your overall transformation by focussing only on core strengthening, flexibility, and posture whereas yoga works on your holistic transformation, taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

You can practise yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain like, Gomukhasana, Makarasana , marjariasana, Ardh- Bhujangasana, Trikonasana, Shashankasana. Urdhva hastsana, Uttanasana, reverse prayer viparita namaskarasana, etc.

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