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Yoga for Knee Pain

Learn yoga techniques to manage and sustainably reduce knee pains. Practise yoga poses for knee pain, yoga for knee pain arthritis, yoga stretches for knee pain, yoga for knee pain in old age, and much more with expert SARVA coaches.


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Can yoga help with knee pain?

Yes, yoga is very helpful for knee pain as some practices in yoga-like susksvyayam and some exercises using a towel can help in reducing the knee pain along with improving the mobility of joints. Yoga for knee pain will not just work on the surface but also work on the root cause which amplifies the pain like balancing the tri doshas in the body.

How can I do yoga with bad knees?

You can practice yoga for knee pain by using props. By choosing the right asanas like seated, supine, and poses we can create a flow to do our yoga practice including the asanas to work on our knees.

How can I get immediate relief from knee pain?

With gentle movements like susksvyayam sometimes it is possible to get instant relief. But in case you cannot practise yoga poses for knee pain it is advisable to use hot or cold packs along with medication prescribed by the doctor.

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Dhineli De Zilwa

Dhineli De Zilwa


Preferably Iyengar yoga or any simple asana practice which works on correcting the posture alignments along with strengthening the supporting muscle of knee joints are helpful.

It is important to know the root cause of the pain, whether the pain is because of the misalignment of the body or because of the aggravation of Vata and pitta in the body. It is always good to consult a doctor or a yoga coach before choosing asanas to practice for knee pain.

Below are some common yoga asanas that can be practised for knee pain:-

Suksvyayam Cross ankle forward fold Sphinx pose quads stretch Badhkonasana Happy baby pose Triangle pose

Practising yoga for knee pain every day for at least 25 to 30 minutes. Iyengar yoga is one of the best forms of yoga to practice for knee pain.

The most effective yoga poses for knee pain are:

Sukshvyayam Gentle strengthening exercises using a towel. Leg raises on the chair. Triangle pose Bridge pose Butterfly pose Seated wide leg forward fold Crossed ankle forward fold Mountain pose Savasana Veerasanas using the prop.

Yoga poses for knee pain or arthritis are: 1)Chair pose 2)Warrior poses on a chair 3) Bridge pose 4) Gentle knee extension 5) High lunges

Asanas and pranayama practices which help in correcting the alignment of the body along with balancing the tri doshas work best as yoga therapy for knee pain. Gentle ayurvedic oil massage, heating, icing, and giving gentle compression are also some other ways of yoga therapy for the knees.

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