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5 Yoga Exercises to improve your eyesight

Teena Hooda
August 22, 2021
5 Yoga Exercises to improve your eyesight

Your eyes the seat of all visual perception are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. They are also easily the most strained organ, in this digital age. Our eyes are what undergo the most stress. Centuries ago, the only light sources that the human eye transpired were that of natural light. The sun, moon and the elemental force of fire. Over the years our eyes have evolved to absorb artificial light. The city lights are at times harsh and blinding to the cornea. A fair amount of our day is spent poring over smartphones and computer screens and the only time our eyes rest is at night.

Yoga, an ancient practice, is still relevant to the modern-day dilemma. Tired eyes, failing visions, and feelings of heavy sore eyes are addressed by this practice.

1) Eye Rotations

The most simple way of taking care of your eyes is eye rotations, these stimulate the eyeballs facilitating blood circulation and activate the optic nerves. A good few clockwise rotations and anti-clockwise rotations, upwards and downwards, side to side all in regular intervals can help you regain faltered vision as well as delay your need to get prescription glasses.

2) Palming

This is the quickest way to relax tired eyes, it’s also one of the actions that we may resort to reflexively. Rub your palms together until they are warm and then place them on your eyes. This warmth increases circulation and helps the eyes relax.

Pro-tip: While palming, try and focus on a healing vision as though a white or gold light was being transferred from your palms to your eyeballs.

3) Trataka

Trataka is the yogic practice wherein the yogi picks a point of focus and holds his gaze continually at an object or centre point, preferably focussed at candlelight or spiritual symbol. This exercise relaxes the nerves and helps maintain good eyesight. It is also famously known to activate the third eye. After tratak give rest to your eyes for 2-5 minutes.

4) Shoulder Stand

Lay flat on your back and with the help of your arms, lift your lower body upward so that your legs are pointing upwards. This pose is not just good for your eyes but also for your brain as it increases blood circulation to the upper part of the body improving their functions. This pose also helps detox and revitalize other body organs. Close your eyes and hold this pose for as long as desired.

5) Blink!

Blinking is the simplest way to exercise your eyes. The average person blinks up to 15- 20 times per minute. Blinking clears out dust and provides moisture to the eyes. Open your eyes wide and blink about 10-15 times, then shut your eyes and hold them closed for a few seconds. Relaxing the eyes is the key to healing and replenishment.

Your eyes help you see and perceive the world around you, give back to them and wake up to a brighter tomorrow.