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A little yoga can give you...

Vikrant Dubey
August 15, 2021
A little yoga can give you...

There is a lot of research that defines yoga as a life-changing phenomenon. Starting with the physical benefits such as strength, flexibility, endurance, mobility to mental benefits such as higher self-esteem, confidence, greater resilience etc. The art of yoga is not falsely glorified. There are numerous studies supported by science linking the practice of yoga with life-changing experiences.

If you are completely new to yoga give yourself a gift of 30 days yogic practice challenge. There are definitely a lot of benefits you can see with these most ancient methods of transformation.

Expect nothing but the best!

  • Overall strength and resilience: Expect to feel stronger, more flexible, physically and mentally in situations that call for adaptability and change.

  • Productive days and calmer nights: The energy boost that yoga brings into your life will give you a life-changing experience, more meaningful days and relaxing nights.

  • Watch unhealthy eating habits fade away: Healthier eating habits go hand in hand, as yoga promotes self-love and respect for one's body, meaning that the wellbeing of your body will be a priority.

  • New and improved breathing patterns: One of the major things that yoga teaches you, is to bring your breath into focus. Conscious breathing has you breathing differently, and when you breathe differently, you move differently!

  • Yoga improves balance: Most asanas in the practice involve holding a posture for a required number of breaths/seconds. Giving you a balanced mind, body, and soul, leading you to strike the ultimate balance in your life.

  • Yoga for a positive state of mind: Yoga is great for coping with mental health issues stemming from anxiety, stress, depression and body-mind imbalance. When addressed with yoga, you begin to show a change towards more positive habits and an uplifted mood and state of mind.

  • Yoga for unique perspectives: Are you in a confused state of mind? Popular reports point to anecdotes linking new perspectives and self-discovery to a practice of yoga and meditation.

  • Yoga helps with mental and physical detoxification: Yoga also detoxes and purifies your mind and body. Specific asanas focus on re-vitalizing different parts of the body and are widely used in physical therapy, after major surgeries. Doctors suggest a yoga practice to keep in tune with your body.

  • Yoga helps battle addiction: Yoga has also proved to be effective while battling with addiction. The disciple of the practice pours over to apply to other aspects of the yogi's life.

  • Yoga and a healthy you: Yoga improves heart health, helps mitigate and manage diabetes, breathing disorders and lung ailments.

Yogis on an overall report, have a better quality of life and higher satisfaction. As it enhances spiritual well being, the practice of yoga seems to be popularly used as a therapeutic tool.