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Asanas to get rid of the ever annoying beer belly

Basavaraj Gollar
January 13, 2022
Weight Loss
Asanas to get rid of the ever annoying beer belly

Let’s get to know about beer belly first and foremost

Beer belly is the fat that accumulates inside the abdominal cavity it’s called visceral fat, intra abdominal fat or enlarged fat of the omentum. As men get older, their six pack abs may gradually merge into a round keg. The large stomach many men develop with age has earned the title beer belly , beer gut and brew belly due to it’s shape and men’s tendency to get too many of their calories from alcohol.

Excess belly fat can have serious negative consequences on men’s health if not addressed properly.

Despite the name beer belly, beer is not the sole cause of abdominal fat building up it’s usually a combination of unhealthy habits. From a poor diet and excess calories to a lack of exercise and hormonal changes, there are many variables that affect stomach size. Though it’s not always the culprit, alcohol can also affect storage.

Abdominal fat, belly fat, or beer belly are the nomenclatures appended to the condition where excess fat deposits in the lower abdominal region. This is the most infamously talked about area of the body in the fitness world, because the size of the belly is considered directly proportional to the fitness world, because the size of the belly is considered directly proportional to the fitness level of a person.

Belly fat is both, a cosmetic, and a health hazard. People with pot bellies are not considered pleasing to look at. Most of reasons which contribute to the deposition of the adipose tissue around the belly are actually of our own making, and are very much in our control.

Not monitoring the intake of sugar in various forms after a certain age will show up at the belly. The most dangerous categories of sugars forming this list are refined sugar, sugar in aerated drinks or soft drinks, sweetened bakery products, and sugar consumed by way of tea and coffee. The higher the fructose level of the added sugar, greater would be its contribution to the increase in size of the belly.

The next culprit is alcohol which is famous for inhibiting the process of burning the fat by the body. Additionally the sugars inherent in alcohol add to the girth of the waist. Trans fat is crucial to the survival of modern packaged food industry. Trans fat, famously responsible for inducing cardiac issues along with a plethora of other diseases, is made by adding hydrogen, prevents food from going stale for long, to otherwise naturally healthier fats. Thus consuming packaged food frequently may lead to a pot belly.

Low protein in diet is directly linked to overeating as it is unable to induce satiety. High levels of one of the hormones known as neuropeptide Y adds weight to the belly region.

Stress hormone cortisol, released in response to the exposure to any stress, is known to enhance accumulation of fat over the entire body, particularly in the stomach region. Diets which are low in fibre content also encourage overeating as they lack hunger hormone inhibiting properties. Food stuffed with more fibre content help in reducing weight by inhibiting the process of calorie extraction from the ingested food.

Lack of adequate sleep, genetics and sedentary lifestyle are other contributors to the excess deposition of fats.

The way yoga works, it can help reduce the belly fat in the most effective manner as it exercises multiple body systems simultaneously in order to achieve this. The yoga asanas regime for getting rid of the fat around the stomach is a combination of yoga poses which work locally on the affected area, abdomen, as well as the Yoga techniques which help balance the distribution of fat over the entire body.

The asanas which work locally are the forward bending asanas which directly attack the belly fat, yoga asanas which work on the lateral muscles as well as the hips and thighs. Yoga techniques for stronger thighs, and the yoga processes which tone the hips are crucial as they help hold the belly in position even when there are no fat depositions on it.

Surya Namaskara (Sun salutations)

It is a set of Yoga asanas for belly fat loss. This is a meeting of 12 yoga poses, plus the forward along with backward curve allow stretches, whereas deep breathing perform throughout the work assist in detoxification. Perform Surya Namaskara daily in the morning opposite the sun to gather the utmost benefits. It is the best Yoga to reduce belly fat in very less time.

Begin slowly, by five rounds, raising the counts slowly above time. Increase the count to 12-13 rounds, depending on the feasibility. Apart from strengthening the muscles on your back and upper body, surya namaskara helps burn fat all over the body. When optimum fat has been burned, it focuses on the fat around the abdominal region. It also improves flexibility thereby helping you practice efficiently.

This asana is a great relaxation technique and also tones and strengthens your entire body.

Camel pose (Ushtrasana)

It is a pose for reducing belly fat and give strength to muscles. It can tone your abdominal area, thighs and arms to improve the flexibility. This is an advanced and best posture to reduce belly fat.

Kneel down on your knees and then bend the torso backwards in an arched form towards heels while his arms go backwards supporting his upper body weight on the back of the foot.

The trick is to hold the position for a while, inhalation exhalation continuing and then go back to the basic pose and then do it all over again. This must be done in succession over the next few days for the best results. It will strengthen your ab muscles, that is essential to reduce belly fat. By doing so, it will also strengthen your spine and with time, your spine will become strong and flexible.

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Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

It is another effective asana to reduce belly fat. It is especially helpful for women in shedding their post-partum weight. This stretching exercise is easy to perform for even beginners and is a best Yoga to reduce belly fat in some days duration.

Start by lying on your front, your arms resting at the side of you Now stiffen your marrow as you tense up your abdomen and start lifting your shoulders and waist up

You can use your palms and elbow as a support as you tilt your head creating a slight dent on your marrow

Remain in this posture for about 30 seconds Repeat twice

This asana is known for reducing belly fat and also toning the muscles on your back.

Shoulder stand (Sarvaangasana)

Is ideal for toning your muscles in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. It also improves your flexibility and strengthens your spinal column. The first step includes you lying on your back, your arms rested beside you, here you have to use your upper body strength to balance the whole of your lower section.

At the initial stages you might need an extra pair of hands to help. Start by raising your lower limbs to the point where they become perpendicular to the body.

Now use your elbows to support your body as you lift your hips up in the air resting the whole weight on your shoulders and the upper body.

This improves your digestion also, thus clearing off the fat deposits in your belly. When you engage your muscles of the legs and arms, what you are doing is, you are enabling the building of more muscles and thus burning excess fat.

Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

The bow pose is a good posture to reduce belly fat. Here in this section your body actually imitates the shape of a bow and to start off lay down on your front. Take a deep breath and as you do lift both your upper and lower body from the two ends up as you balance yourself on the abdomen. Your arms at the back of you can now use the legs as a grip to create a tug as you perfect the balance.

Lie flat in prone position Bend both your legs and slightly raise your chest Hold your ankles and gently raise your thighs Repeat twice This pose, is known for making your spine really flexible and also focuses on the fat on your tummy, thereby reducing it.

Wind relieving pose (pavanmuktasana)

Here we use the tension created in your abdomen area to lessen the pounds on your stomach. Come in supine pose Fold knees to abdomen Bring chin closer to knees Relax This asana must be practiced with caution. It strengthens and tones the muscles in the abdomen, legs, arms and lower back. It aids in digestion and better circulation of blood.