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Break-up with heartbreak

Wellness coach
September 28, 2021
Break-up with heartbreak

Just like seasons change, our emotions also go through changes. Some days we feel love is in the air and on others we listen to songs for the broken-hearted. As humans we deal with emotions of happiness, love, joy but also forgiveness, letting go, or sorrow. Read on if you've ever felt weighed down by these undesired emotions.

Know about your Anahata Chakra

Our Anahata Chakra is located at the centre of our chest and is known to be the seat of love. It’s interesting to know that when you feel weighed down by situations like a break-up it affects your physical energy as well. You are spotted with stooped shoulders, weakened immunity and sometimes even attract a cold.

These emotions not only affect you physically but mentally they add to a lot of stress.

Deal with these dull emotions like a pro with the below relaxing techniques:


Poses that are sure to help you to feel energised are:

  • Camel pose: This backbend helps you release emotions and is an effective heart-opener.

Camel pose

  • Bow pose: This beautiful yoga pose helps you unlock your full potential by opening your heart.

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  • Fish pose: This heart-opening pose works wonders in reducing stress and fatigue.

Woman in Matsyasana pose


It works wonders in soothing the heart chakra.

Scented candles


It’s also known to be one of the effective ways to de-stress the heart meridian.

One Step at a Time


It helps you deal with the emotion in a healthy manner. Opt for a guided meditation you think will help you clear up the emotional blockages.

Lockdown stress

Here are some simple tips that can help you feel better on not-so-great days:

  • Allow yourself to feel the grief - You can deal with any pain by taking the first step to accepting the presence of the pain. Let go of denial and feel the pain.
  • Do what makes you happy - Get back to a hobby that you love or find something relaxing that brings you happiness.
  • Take care of yourself - The only person who knows what you’re going through is you. This makes you the most important member of your A-team. Ask yourself what you need to heal and do that. Don’t forget to be self-compassionate.
  • Find your support system - Communicate with the people in your life, let them know what you need or how you feel. You can also write down your feelings by journaling.
  • Learn to let go - Free yourself of feelings that weigh you down, focus on the bright side and let go of what doesn’t feel good. In the process of feeling happier, you need to let go of the burden preventing you from being happy.


This world heart day, go easy on yourself. Rainy days and sunshine are a part of our life, but what we must remember is that we’re strong to bounce back from the lowest of points and the worse heartbreak to rise up and love again.