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Can Yoga help improve creativity

Sarvesh Shashi
December 23, 2020
Can Yoga help improve creativity

Creativity is defined as the act of bringing new and imaginative ideas into reality. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his book, “Flow” suggested that creativity can often be seen in a few different situations and on different levels. The layers that make a creative person originative and artistic run deeper, in more complicated patterns which then seek a creative outlet.

Creative thinking is merely being able to explore multiple possibilities to create the ideal, singular situation. Be it in the form of artistic expression or technical programming, being creative is what sets you apart.

Yoga and creativity have a relationship that dates to many centuries ago. Ancient Kings sought out yogis for advice and strategy. Some stories are even reported where they have sought advice for political or even military strategy. This showed that they had a unique way of thinking and comprehending, allowing them to offer their inputs.

Yoga is a practice widely known to expand the mind, rewire the brain and rejuvenate the body. This makes it a powerful tool to incite creativity and a shift of changes that transforms you to become your creative best.

  • Yoga practice increases general awareness. Becoming more in tune with the environment around you provides you with inspiration and teaches you to focus and allows the creative process to flow within you.
  • Yoga improves sleep. A mind that is overworked or going haywire cannot focus its all for the best results. Better sleep results in fresher ideas and clearer thinking.
  • Confidence is one of the important characteristics of a creative person. It is required that an artist is confident about their work for it to be of value.
  • Yoga boosts self-confidence by building body muscle, dissolving stress and motivating you to hone your skill and display to the world your limitless creativity.
  • Yoga exercises your body and improves your balance, builds stamina, flexibility and resilience. Research points to a strong link between physical activity and creativity.
  • Yoga teaches you patience and to believe in yourself, both of these hold immense value to an artist. Steadfast hardiness and disciplined dedication are the only shields for times where the block strikes.
  • The practice teaches mindfulness and allows you to remain focused on the present and that way you are able to channel your energy towards creative activity.

Keep pushing. Get on that mat and get that flow going!