Diva Yoga

Connect with your mind, body and soul. And your partner.

Vipul Kumar
April 14, 2021
Connect with your mind, body and soul. And your partner.

A yoga practice stems from needs and goals which differ from person to person. A common denomination factor it shares is that it makes you better. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or any other aspect on the spectrum of growth that we choose to draw.

A yogi knows that foremost the practice of yoga creates an innate awareness of one’s personal electromagnetic field. The field that has always existed since your conception, marking your rightful place in the universe. This is commonly known in psychology as ‘personal space’, which is why when a stranger steps too close to you, you feel unease and disruption of comfort.

Yogic science and its meditative asanas with focused breath give you the breakthrough necessary to cultivate this awareness. A true tool to harness the mind, body, and soul. Yoga strengthens this relationship. Yoga science research shows that individuals with daily yoga practice live happier and more content lives than their counterparts. The amazing benefits of yoga seem to spill on to every other detail of their lifestyle, making this an essential activity to include in one's life, especially in a world where happiness is measured on a materialistic scale.

Now that we know that there is a specific science that drives yogis to dive into living deeper and more meaningful lives, how much does this affect close relationships? Yes, you are calmer and more composed and by default, the dynamic of any given relationship undergoes a paradigm shift.

The act of a slow, consistent ‘Namaste’, brings souls closer, honouring your significant other to establish a soul connection. You also consensually allow your partner to step into your field of energy, in case of which you match at a vibrational point of oneness making the strength of what is expendable increase two-fold.

In times of strained affairs, where words fail to convey feelings, what explains what is truly felt? Couples who practice yoga together report heightened feelings of well-being and togetherness, greater understanding and balance. Almost like as if an asana and followed deep breaths came to life, transforming your relationship.

Yoga allows couples to harness the true nature of their relationship in the stillness of an eternal moment, bringing tremendous relief to individuals with commitment issues, anxiety about the future and outcome of their relationships.

The French, they know how to love, right? The famous Renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne rightly said: “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself”. A daily yoga practice teaches you how to belong to yourself, and brings you home to true love. What better way to show yourself and your partner that you care, than taking your relationship to new heights, literally!