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Even on your worst day, here are a few things you can be grateful for

Dhiral Sampat
September 20, 2020
Even on your worst day, here are a few things you can be grateful for

Ever had a feeling when you wake up in the morning with a gloomy mood?

The day you keep hitting the snooze button until you’re extremely late for work and then a chain reaction of irksome situations keeps on occurring and you’re left wondering why is this happening to you?

Some days you wake up feeling blue and on some, you feel blue because of the events occurring around you. While you might feel sad and disheartened throughout the day, here’s an exercise that will help you to turn around your sad days into happy ones.

This powerful exercise is the practice of Gratitude. Practice the 2 minute gratitude meditation here:

When you are grateful you don't leave space for the negative feelings that might affect you. We know that it might be difficult to practice gratitude throughout the day, but it is extremely important to proactively invoke this feeling in you when you are feeling low or having a bad day.

Here’s how:

  1. You wake up and you have snoozed your alarm a bit too many times, which is, in turn, is sure to make you late for work/college. You’re now feeling downhearted and questioning the concept of time. In times like these, you can be grateful for the fact that you had a chance to open your eyes in the morning, and you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Be thankful for the rest that you were able to receive.

  2. You’ve left for work and are finding it difficult to find a cab or an auto to reach office which might result in you facing the wrath of your boss for coming in late, be thankful for the opportunity of having a job, a source of income that aids you in living a comfortable life.

  3. You’ve finally reached office, you find your boss/colleague waiting for you with a ton of work, and to complete this task list, you know that you might have to pull off a late night in the office. Be grateful for the chance that you’ve gotten to grow in your job role, learn new things and work efficiently.

  4. You’re smooth sailing through your work, checking through your task list and feeling good about your work speed and the internet goes off, delaying your work; you probably had some unsaved work, or your file transfer stops mid-way. In this case, be grateful for the window to recheck your work thoroughly.

  5. You’re working on a project and experiencing a creative block, in this moment, take a deep breath, and count your blessings that you get the chance to do what you love every day, let the feeling of love for your work set in fully, and commence your work.

  6. You’re dying of hunger and you’ve forgotten to get your lunch or probably order it, now you’re feeling “Hangry”. In this moment you should be grateful that you can eat and indulge in good food that nourishes your body.

  7. You’re engrossed in your work and a colleague keeps on interrupting you for a different task which makes you lose your focus. Be thankful that you are in a position to lend a helping hand to your colleague.

  8. You’ve left the office and on your way back after a long tiring day, you’re stuck in traffic. You might feel frustrated and agitated, but in that chaos, be grateful for the time you get to spend with yourself. Enjoy the “me time”.

On days when you feel extremely low, follow a process, take a deep breath, and think about all the things and people that you can be grateful for. This will not only fill your heart with positivity and warmth but also make you feel extremely happy.

Try the practice of gratitude irrespective of how you feel through your day, it is always a good practice to invoke positive vibes! Until next time, namaste.