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Fundamentals of nutrition

Shraddha Joshi
April 12, 2022
Fundamentals of nutrition

The modern Indian lifestyle with its numerous responsibilities of family and work, many of us take their own health for granted. It is important to learn the fundamentals of nutrition and importance of eating balanced diet. If we don't take care of our food/diet today it will affect our future.

What you are eating is not for “Today” in fact its for “tomorrow". Every bite you take fights or fuels the disease.

One must follow a healthy, sustainable diet which will help in inculcating good food habits and weight loss will be one of the outcomes of this.

Lifestyle changes for better living:

  1. You must incorporate 1 portion of carbohydrate + 1 portion of Protein + 1 portion of Vegetables in your Lunch every day.
  2. Every meal must have 1 portion of protein in it [Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner]
  3. Incorporate 2 mid meals in your day. One between your breakfast and Lunch and another between Lunch and dinner.
  4. Your food plate should have food items which are – Colourful, As per season, Traditional combination, Balanced, Locally easily available, Less processed, As per climate and freshly cooked.
  5. Please incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetable in your diet. They are very rich source of micro nutrients and helps in boosting immunity.
  6. There has to be at least 2-3 hours gap between your last meal and bedtime.
  7. You should get good sound sleep for 6-8 hours.
  8. Meditate every day at least 10-15 mins.
  9. Eat mindfully. Make sure you are not distracted and eating with all senses.
  10. Do not forget to add at least 1-2 fruits in your daily routine.
  11. You must do at least 1 hour of physical activity every alternate day OR at least 30 minutes every day.
  12. Plan your meals a week prior. We never plan to fail. This will ensure consumption of healthy and wholesome meal.
  13. Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink at least 3.5 - 4 litters of water throughout the day.
  14. Keep a gap of 10 min between your meal and tea. This will make sure that caffeine from tea/ coffee will not interfere with nutrient absorption.
  15. Avoid canned, processed food items and go for freshly made food from the kitchen.
  16. Engage yourself in some hobby/ activity. This will help in managing your stress levels.

We need to take care of our Food along with Sleep, Stress, Water and Physical activity to have healthy sustainable lifestyle.