Diva Yoga


Wellness coach
March 28, 2021

Yoga is great for helping to relieve tension in the hips. Working on hip flexibility and stability can also improve lower back pain, balance, posture and prevent injuries in later life.

While most yoga poses involve the muscles around the hips and pelvis in some way, hip openers are a specific group of asanas whose main anatomical function is to maintain and develop a healthy range of motion in the hips.

Hip opening classes can be different each time, they can range from intense to calming to emotional even. A lot of our fears, insecurities and upsets get stored as emotions in our hips. That is why a hip opening class can even be cathartic for some people, so much so that you might find yourself crying in the middle of a posture.

These hip opening classes are fun to design and can have several short term and long term benefits.