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5 Best Hacks to Turn Your Home Into a Yoga Studio | SARVA Blog

June 22, 2022
5 Best Hacks to Turn Your Home Into a Yoga Studio | SARVA Blog

For every yoga practitioner, yoga teacher or even a yoga beginner, a home yoga studio is something to aspire to. A sacred space that honours yoga and gives you an escape from the everyday grind. This is a safe haven where you can go to heal and rejuvenate and come out ready to take on the world.

This article is also about helping you create this space by giving you home yoga studio ideas so you can create a beautiful and comfortable space for your yoga practice.

Top 5 Home Yoga Studio Essentials You Need To Start Yoga At Home

Here are some home yoga studio essentials that you need for your very own home yoga studio.

A yoga space: You will need a room or a space that's quiet, well lit, airy and a space that gives you positive vibes. You can choose any space in your house where you won't be disturbed by anything or anyone during your daily yoga practice at home. You can experiment with yoga home studio decor and make it your own.

Mats and props: create a corner with all your props and mats arranged well and within reach

Keep it clutter free: Clutter is chaos and a good yoga practice needs a clutter free space and mind.

Set the mood: Figure out what soothes your mind and soul. It can be certain colours, certain kinds of lighting or even smells. Set the mood for your practice and it'll flow.

Add some greenery: Plants are not only soothing to the eyes and calming for the soul but they actually help you breathe better, which is amazing for any yoga practice.

5 incredibly useful yoga props for your home practice

Yoga block: yoga blocks or bricks are an incredible prop especially for yoga at home for beginners. It helps you deepen your postures or get creative with them. Bolsters, pillows blankets: These are needed for a relaxing yin or restorative yoga practice that is a mist to calm the body and mind down

Sculpts or tiny dumbbells: Sculpt yoga is using the 1 kg weights in both hands while doing yoga. This helps tone muscle and build strength workout along with many mental benefits of yoga.

A yoga wheel: this incredible prop is a godsend to help you deepen your backbends.

Yoga belt: the yoga belt works wonders to increase flexibility and deep postures that might be slightly difficult to achieve.

8 Tips to Maintain a Daily Yoga practice at Home

  • Create your yoga space and make sure you feel most comfortable and relaxed there
  • Decide a time of the day when you want to practice yoga everyday and try to stick to it
  • Lay out your yoga clothes/ outfit the night before or in advance
  • Choose a good mat that enhances your practice
  • Choose a good online platform or an experienced teacher for your practice
  • Set the mood, with the right light, smells and intention
  • Keep your space clean and uncluttered
  • Set an intention for each practice
  • Reward yourself after your practice with something you love

Best Online Yoga Classes You Can Do At Home: Sarva Yoga

Here are a few online classes that you can practice from your wonderful home yoga studio:

Now that you know it all, its time to set it up and get started. Trust yourself and trust the process.


Find things that resonate with you, add plants and warm colours that soothe you and try to find a space with lots of natural light.

Every yoga room needs a good space, light, props and a right mood.

Yes, if you have the space at home and a passion for teaching you can start a home yoga studio. Alternatively, you can even teach online from your home yoga studio.

A good yoga space needs fresh air, soothing colours and a positive vibe.

There are several props that can be used for yoga like yoga blocks, yoga belt, yoga wheel, chair, sculpts, bolsters, blankets and so on.

You need space for your mat, props and some place around the mat to move around so it doesn't feel cluttered or claustrophobic.