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How to put your mind to mindfulness

Shraddha Iyer
September 19, 2021
How to put your mind to mindfulness

Have you heard of mindfulness? It’s the buzzword in fitness circles. But what does it really mean? Let’s simplify it. It means to be aware. Being aware of ourselves, of the surroundings, and to be able to bring out the best in us.

Our world is so fast-paced today that we want everything at the speed of lightning. Be it food, entertainment or business. While we rush out to embrace life, work and entertainment we forget to acknowledge ourselves. What we look for is inner peace and happiness but we are left with anxiety and depression. It is mindfulness that comes to our rescue at these times and helps us realize our potential to be happy. Mindfulness helps us wade through our negative thoughts and draws our mind, body, and soul towards being healthy.

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How do you become mindful?

The answer lies in meditation.

Mindfulness can be achieved through meditation and it is not complicated. There are many ways to practice being mindful but the best way is to stop, be still and be calm. Pay attention to yourself; be aware of your heart beating, your breathing, and your surroundings. Draw your thoughts away from pain and worries and focus on positivity. Do all this while breathing in and out in a rhythm, slowly. Read more about the meditation technique here.