Diva Yoga

How Yoga can make you a kinder person. Feel more life. Per breath.

Dhiral Sampat
November 12, 2020
How Yoga can make you a kinder person. Feel more life. Per breath.

“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” – Henry James

Yoga, your way to kindness.

Being kind doesn’t cost us a thing, but we often unknowingly forget this principle. We’re rude to people because we’re having a ‘bad day’. We fall prey to the human nature of ‘transference’, we redirect our negative emotions as hurtful words and actions towards others. This is the result of a cluttered and chaotic mind.

When we aren’t efficiently able to solve or come up with a solution to our problems, we make space for chaos and clutter in our minds. This results in a chaotic aura that isn’t beneficial to us or those around us.

How do we practically tackle this?

The answer lies in Yoga.

Yoga invokes the feeling of calmness, happiness, relieving stress and anxiety and enables the practitioner to have clarity of thoughts in the yogic journey that they go through.

Research says that one hour of yoga has been known to elevate GABA levels in the brain. GABA plays a crucial role in controlling fear, anxiety and the body’s response to stress. Lower GABA levels have been linked with depression, sleeping disorders and anxiety amongst many other problems.

When an hourly practice of yoga can help elevate your mood and calm your mind, imagine the power it holds if practised regularly.

When you are calmer within, you feel at peace. This is when you can change your perspective towards the world and other people to that of empathy and understanding. A smile on a face goes a long way, you never know the effect a happy face may have on others.

Yoga asanas coupled with the right breathwork create harmony and alignment of the mind and the body. There is a reason why the ancient sages stood by the practice of yoga. This practice not only makes you more human and kinder but also empowers you to act and think positively.

You become more aware of your surroundings, this results in you contributing to the wellbeing of society proactively. This contribution may not necessarily come in the form of charity but in good deeds and kindness towards others. Good deeds and acts of kindness work like a chain reaction just like negative emotions, you have the power to decide what needs to be given importance. And yoga gives you just that clarity of mind to take the right decision.

Yoga has also been known to boost your confidence and energy. When you are confident in your own being, the emotions of insecurity, jealousy, envy, etc don’t exist, this gives you a chance to empower others to reach their true potential. Remember, we only rise by uplifting others.

Kindness is not an act of force but will. Yoga gives you a clear path to becoming a better human and live life every moment.