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Laughter Yoga, and some serious benefits

Teena Hooda
October 25, 2020
Laughter Yoga, and some serious benefits

The origins of laughter yoga date back to the early ’90s, formulated in the laughter clubs of Dr Madan Kataria, India. What was earlier just a group of people gathering at parks and open spaces to practice voluntary laughter, with the integration of yogic philosophies, created a unique new form called Laughter yoga.

Over many years laughter has universally been regarded as ‘the best medicine’, with ample medical evidence to support this claim. Laughter boosts the immune system, protecting it from contracting diseases. Prevention is indeed better than cure!

Laughter essentially does the opposite of what anger does. It elevates your mood and mental state while you laugh and for a while well after!

A good sense of humour also gives you a fantastic perspective and purpose towards life. It allows you to laugh at yourselves in times of folly and take problems lightly to tackle them head-on.

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Much like the practice of traditional forms of yoga, laughter yoga lightens the spirit and brings the union of mind, body, and soul through laughter, breathwork, and slow movement.

Here’s how:

  • Laughter yoga is compared to giving your internal organs a massage, revitalizing them, while using breathing to strengthen the lungs
  • Laughter deeply oxygenates the blood and does wonders for the skin and immune system
  • Laughter yoga is a good way to deal with depression, overthinking and anxiety and tricking the brain allows you to move the anxious energy and feel lighter and happier
  • Laughter makes you happier and calmer and is a remarkably simple grounding exercise
  • Increased pain tolerance, cardiovascular illnesses, stress-related disorders treated with laughter yoga, show a credible curve of recovery and management
  • Laughter yoga also instils a sense of childlike playfulness and carelessness which comes as a great stress buster and grants a sense of relief
  • This practice also improves respiration and prevents respiratory disorders. Restores lung strength and stamina, almost like taking your organs for a jog
  • It is one of the most effective ways to tackle stress, the world’s most dangerous killer

You know what they say a giggle, a snicker and a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.