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Let your mood swings take a walk with yoga

Shraddha Iyer
August 29, 2021
Let your mood swings take a walk with yoga

Anyone who has experienced the sway of mood swings can tell you how undesirable and overwhelming they are. More so, how powerless they can make you feel. Mood swings stem from various factors of which the most common one is an inability to manage and cope with stress on a daily basis.

Mood swings are often side effects or symptoms from various ailments, physical and mental. For example, mood swings are a common symptom among people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, mania or bipolar disorders. A basic imbalance in hormones can have you feeling elated, happy to sad, anxious to distraught or even seriously depressed and suicidal.

Yoga provides for the perfect neutral zone where these emotions are put to rest and are allowed to take a back seat. For a while, consider your mind to be a busy park with screaming, crying and joyous children. Now introduce your mind to the practice of Yoga and meditation, the effect is similar to that of when it's way past the bedtime of those children and now you can take a relaxing stroll through the park.

  • Yoga is known directly to balance hormonal surges and the chain of reactions it brings along.
  • A daily practice allows you to become more aware of the changes in the body, leading to the moment where you are able to realize the moment where the mood is to shift.
  • A dedicated meditation practice allows you to view these mood swings objectively, detached from the situation. Decreasing the power and intensity of the mood swing and transferring control back to you.
  • Yoga allows you to explore the deep-seated reasons for extreme emotions, with this practice you are able to get to the root of the issue and face the stressor/trigger head-on.
  • The decrease in levels of cortisol - the stress hormone, brings balance to the mind and body, decreasing the incidence of mood swings.
  • Pranayama brings awareness to the breath and the beauty of existence, providing perspective to the bigger picture. Driving away focus from the individual problem.
  • Yoga grants you a perspective that heals and promotes a better quality of living.
  • Restorative yoga poses like the child's pose, corpse pose, legs up the wall and bound angle poses allow you to come back into your body and gain a heightened awareness of the mind. This allows you to relax and unwind, putting worries to rest.

Most importantly, Yoga allows you to release and recover. Extreme mood swings can be brutal and can at times lead to changes in personality. The best way to heal your body and mind seems to be to lay out that yoga mat and lay down on it.