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Manage Diabetes with Yoga

Basavaraj Gollar
November 17, 2020
Manage Diabetes with Yoga

How to manage diabetes with Yoga?

World Diabetes Day just went by us. What changed for diabetics around the world? Does the daily battle against diabetes have to get the better of us? Is sugar the silent killer, or is it the lack of our willpower? Is it a struggle to the end?

Let’s give diabetes a positive spin, the silver lining that we seek in situations and sometimes fail to find. Good management of Diabetes may even make you stronger and healthier than your counterparts in many ways. This may sound strange, but the truth is, all dis-ease, brings your attention back to the body. The body and mind work in unison to bring back the state of balance and ease, and in order to do this, the individual must come back to being more in touch with himself and the workings of his body.

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Yoga teaches complete acceptance of any state, be it physical, mental or emotional. The body’s natural ability to generate insulin is at a lack in the case of diabetics. The pancreas is born with a genetic flaw, or over the years environmental factors and lifestyle have led it to the current state. The innate acceptance of this fact is of dire importance for successful and happy diabetes management.

How do you stay happy with a lifelong management disease? How much of a lifestyle change does diabetes cause you and how does it change your life? Can you be happy with an illness that cannot be cured? The answers to all of these questions lie in the depths of how you chose to experience this. The human experience is differently portrayed for each and every one of us. From one diabetic to another, the way how they choose to deal with the disease varies. While some people adapt their lifestyles to suit their illness it may be a huge burden to some. Some people can even become depressed by the thought of a lifelong illness and the stress which accompanies dealing with it.

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There are many ways, where ancient disciplines can make your life with diabetes, easier. But it also boils down to personal and self-discipline. How one manages dis-ease, emotion, and their own mental framework.

Diabetes makes you stronger. You and those around you expect you to falter with the excuse of your illness. You come back stronger than before, with the confidence that you can do anything if you can channel your energies and act that way.

Yogic philosophy continues to bring new benefits to the body and mind with the benefits it has to offer to diabetes management. Mindfulness is an important tool while dealing with diabetes. When you are aware of the moment, the slow creeping anxiety does not find its way in, contributing to better management, helping cut out on negativity, negative self-talk and make a transition to a healthy, healing lifestyle.

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Meditation in all its form integrates mindfulness, bringing awareness to the self and one’s surroundings. Mindfulness practice allows you to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression directly contributing to calmer more relaxed days with lowered incidence of risk.

Having said all this, someone living with diabetes can start living a much healthier life than the one he or she did before the onset of the illness. Living a life, with a good routine, daily exercise, cutting out high carbs, sugars, processed and unhealthy fast foods, alcohol, smoking and better management of daily stressors. You suddenly find yourself in better shape and a more mature emotional state, with increased emotional intelligence.

While diabetes may not be a disease that is welcomed by anyone, living with diabetes needn’t be a worry if you pay attention to what you eat and how well you take care of yourself. Here’s to living a happier and more content life, every day!