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Manifest what you want this year

Shraddha Iyer
January 17, 2022
Manifest what you want this year

The past year was more complicated than we all expected for almost everyone, many have experienced grave changes in their lives and have handled it with a pinch of salt. We have also learned to be more grateful now more than before. Living in the moment is a lesson learned and there is no single opportunity we will miss to express love going forward. With this in mind, how do we manifest what we want in the coming year? The first step is to outline what you are aiming at, try to roughly figure out what are some of the main goals and aims for the year, this process may sound a bit tough, but just list all that comes to mind and don’t think practically or put logic in it, just write the first things that come to you. Once you are done with this, arrange them as per priority. Give it an order of preference, this will help you to recognise what’s more important to you.

This list is the first step you have taken towards the manifestation of your dreams, many times there are many things we have in our minds and we end up losing these goals as we get into our mundane routine. This will set a pathway towards manifesting your desires.

Next, is to make a vision board, what’s a vision board? Basically, this is a collection of pictures, ideas and affirmations which is put up on a board, it can be digital as well. I love to keep it as a screensaver on my phone or desktop.

This gives form to your thoughts and ideas, it gives a real picture in your mind, and this board needs to be placed in an area which you see or pass often, for example in front of your bed or close to the office desk etc. This vision board has been scientifically proven to help many achieve their dreams.

The process of making a vision board may take some time, but trust me it is worth the effort. It's amazing how efficient this technique is, however, if you still don’t have the time to make a vision board, you can make these visions in your mind. Visualise yourself achieving your goals and dreams, for example seeing yourself in that goal weight and fitness level, or seeing yourself in that position which you aim to be at, or holding that award or trophy which you are aiming for.

Now, this doesn’t mean you go into a stream of daydreaming and stop taking efforts towards your goals and desires. This is a stepping stone for you to make the efforts to achieve your desired goals.

Now that you have a visual reference of your goals. Start taking one step at a time, start small, repeat one affirmation in your mind 3 times every day for each goal. Now saying affirmations are taken very lightly. Affirmations if said with a positive intent can blossom into reality in no time. When you say your affirmations, truly believe it to be true for you, believe that that is your reality and that’s happening for you right at that moment. Once you get into the rhythm of affirmations you can increase the number of affirmations as per all your goals and desires.

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The next step is to drive your energies towards that goal, all-action words and even thoughts need to revolve around that goal. Break your goals into mini-goals, set some goals for the week and then set some mini-goals for the day to reach the weekly goal. Set monthly goals as well and give your 100 per cent to achieve the same, just keep at it and don’t give up.

Every effort counts, every step counts and you will see yourself grow a lot in the process. Doing meditation for your goal manifestation will also be a good addition to this process. For example, if your aim is to be more at peace and calm this year do a guided meditation to build calmness or you can also choose to do a guided Yog Nidra.

Maintaining a daily journal also is a very nice way to keep yourself on track. Additionally, you can also write your feelings down in this, a little bit of unloading on a daily basis will make you feel light and stress-free.

Finally acknowledging your growth even if it’s very small, and recognising how far you have come, it’s very critical to do that, positive reinforcement can change the game.

In yoga, we say where the mind goes the energy flows, so take your energies closer to your desires and you shall manifest them in your life most definitely.