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Meditation techniques for anger management

Shraddha Iyer
February 16, 2021
Meditation techniques for anger management

Meditation is the game-changer in anger management and here’s how!

  • Meditation has shielded itself in one major way. A shield that anger cannot breach. It lowers and balances the hormone- Cortisol. The hormone notorious for causing stress and leading to extreme situations. The balancing of this hormone, helps the body and mind stay calm and function with clarity and focus.
  • Breathing exercises relax and soothe the mind, battling agitation and irritation. When your body is calm, you are less likely to become angry. You learn to act, not react.
  • More oxygen to your blood and in your brain causes your body to stay in an optimal state. The trigger of the flight or fight response is less likely to be summoned in unwarranted situations.
  • Meditation makes you feel good. It increases the flow of happy hormones in your system. Lots of Serotonin makes it hard to get angry and in the off chance that you do, it is impossible to stay angry.
  • Meditation can rewire thoughts, behaviours, attitudes and habit patterns. It aids in letting go of bad habits, addictions, and toxic behaviour. Anger is something that can be remedied just by unlearning undesirable behaviour.
  • Meditation helps your mind travel to places in the realm of consciousness, gaining ‘gyaan’ and bringing it back to apply in daily life practice. Slowly eroding the old and creating the new, letting anger fall away, shedding and stepping into a new skin.
  • Chanting during meditation, shifts vibrations around you. Interacting with relaxing sound and a calm environment allows the mind to retreat and heal from past trauma and facilitate deeper healing, addressing the problem at the root.
  • Meditation balances your emotions in situations and perceptions of anger. An emotionally balanced and stable person catches himself in anger or better yet has a profound philosophy surrounding, a saint like calm.
  • Meditation practice allows you to ‘see the way out’ of the tense situation. Taking the easy and peaceful road out in the moment.

The incredulous ways in which Yoga and meditation help anger management have surpassed modern-day techniques. After all, anger is not a new-age emotion.