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Power Yoga

Basava Saunshi
August 05, 2020
Weight Loss
Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a composite of fast-paced synchronized Yoga postures with intense fitness workouts that unite the mind and the body.

Watch Video on Power Yoga by Malaika Arora

Benefits of Power Yoga

  • It helps to maintain your bodyweight proportion
  • Makes your body more flexible
  • Increase strength
  • Build tolerance and stability build tolerance
  • Improves concentration

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Who can do Power Yoga

Ideal for people who are looking for weight management and develop muscle tone.

Who should avoid Power Yoga

As a practice, anyone who has undergone recent surgeries (within the last 6 months) shouldn’t practise this. Caution is advised to those with chronic pain. Here, those with knee pain, neck pain, or any joint pain must be careful.

Watch Power Yoga flow with the Sculpt and Sculpt Yoga by Malaika Arora