Diva Yoga


Wellness coach
April 07, 2020

Pragya yoga is a sequence curated by Gayatri pariwar which is a series of asanas which are designed to sharpen spiritual prudence, insight and intuition. It will help elevate inner consciousness within & create an atmosphere of happiness and peace.

The unique aspect about this practice is that in every step a part of the Gayatri mantra is recited, which is ment to soothe the mind and give you the benefits of chanting the ancient Gayatri mantra while practicing yoga.

Pragya Yoga covers all essential elements of yoga such as asana, pranayama, meditation yogic diet, and routine, important for a happy and healthy life. People of all age groups can practice Pragya Yoga.

What is Gayatri pariwar?

Gayatri Pariwar is a living model of a futuristic society, being guided by principles of human unity and equality.

It's a modern adoption of the age-old wisdom of Vedic Rishis, who practiced and propagated the philosophy of VasudhaivaKutumbakam. "The World Is One Family". One Nation, One Language (love), One Religion (humanity), One Government (Self Govern) Founded by saint, reformer, writer, philosopher, spiritual guide and visionary Yug Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, his mission has emerged as a mass movement for Transformation of Era.

This is a low intensity Yoga form. What is low intensity?

Although some particular exercises are commonly categorized as "low", "moderate" or "high" intensity, what really distinguishes them from each other is their effect on your heart rate and the overall effort that they require on your part.

One way to determine whether an exercise is low, moderate or high intensity is to use the rate of perceived exertion, which measures how difficult the exercise feels to you while you are doing it. To measure perceived exertion, observe your breathing patterns and other outward effects, like sweating.