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Sculpt Yoga: What Is It? How To Do? And Health Benefits | Sarva Yoga

Jahnavi Patwardhan
July 06, 2020
Weight Loss
Sculpt Yoga: What Is It? How To Do? And Health Benefits | Sarva Yoga

What is Sculpt Yoga?

Sculpt yoga is using the 1 kg weights in both hands while doing yoga. If one doesn't have 1 kg weight, they can use 500 ml or 1 litre water bottle in both hands depending on their strength. This helps tone muscle and build strength workout along with many mental benefits of yoga.

Sculpt yoga is an excellent way to strengthen the musculoskeletal system of the body. It is filled with dynamic movement in different yoga asanas which can flow in a vinyasa style as well. Adding resistance to your yoga routine through the incorporation of light weights forces muscles that may have otherwise remained static to work through short bursts of energy. These bursts of energy, which alternate with short periods of rest, lead to increased expenditure of anaerobic energy and a subsequent jump in calorie burn.

Watch our 30-Minute Sculpt Yoga

Benefits of sculpt yoga

Great cardio-vascular exercise Boosts oxygen intake Massaging effect to the liver, intestines and other organs Stimulates and detoxes the skin Fantastic for reducing low bone density conditions like osteoporosis Improves balance and coordination

Some of the precautions include

Keep the wrist in check Extra attention to alignment to avoid injury People with severe spine issue or any recent injury or surgery should avoid this completely

5 Yoga Sculpt Poses You Can Try At Home

Warrior I Warrior II Chair pose Boat pose Side plank pose

All of the above is added in a yoga asana and flow which is very transient and dynamic.

We need to design a class keeping in mind the previous days class as we can give extra focus on the muscles which are well rested.

Watch Sculpt Yoga by Malaika Arora

How Do You Start Strength Training With Yoga

Strength training with yoga will include postures that aid muscle growth, strength and toning. You can design a yoga sequence that includes strengthening yoga postures like chaturanga dandasana, phalakasana or plank pose, navasana and so on. Sculpt yoga is also a very effective way to start strength training. You can add these sculpts or any substitute to your yoga postures and choose to do repetitions or holds.

How Do You Do Yoga Sculpt Sequence

Here's a sculpt yoga sequence that you can practice at home to develop strength and stamina. https://youtu.be/0V7wPrjRi4M

Sarva tips to start sculpt yoga

Start off with water bottles/shampoo bottles and so on Focus on proper form Use proper guidance for sculpt class Put your mind to the muscle that you are working on