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Starting yoga early and its lasting effects

Siddhi Pareek
September 05, 2021
Starting yoga early and its lasting effects

Doctors and psychologists have long established that the early years of a child's life are his formative years. How a child reaches certain developmental milestones, seems to largely dictate the well-being of the child in his later years.

Developmental milestones are reached in the coveted natural process that unfolds with the human body. Interestingly, the body and mind can be further propelled to optimize toddlers’ milestones and growth. The formative years, also mean that they are at the most malleable points of their life. Shaping and moulding the foundation makes all the difference to creating child prodigies.

There is often the question, from when can a child, begin any formal training. Be it physical, mental or official. The fact is that the child has started training in his natural environment since the event of his birth. The natural environment teaches him of his nature, what to identify with and in time, the baby-like definition of the self.

As older beings, we know that the limitlessness and the limitation of oneself is the definition, of the self itself. The intelligent integration of yoga at a young age allows the child to fully utilize the plasticity of the brain. The young brain has the greatest plasticity. Observing and creating new situations (such as yoga asanas) teaches the child to perceive, learn and understand concepts in numerous ways that help him, through the rest of his life.

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Yoga as young as from the age of 2, when the child's motor skills are well developed, as to follow guided movement can make the large impact that the world needs. Inherently, self-conscious and aware children make better individuals, as well as better citizens of the world.

Tapping a child's strongest connection with the environment is the recognition of true talent. The practice of slow and steady movement of a young and nimble body balances the brain and body to enhance the child's connection with the environment, further leading to the grasp of skill from a young and tender age. The child benefits in more forms than this, as a steady physical activity regimen, can bring home an extremely healthy, active and balanced individual.

Starting your toddler on yoga may be the best investment you have ever made.