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Take it easy, it's just another day.

Radhika Arora
December 31, 2021
Take it easy, it's just another day.

We are finally here. Another year, new expectations, new resolutions, new targets. We set the goals every year, actually every day. Some of our goals are fully accomplished, some needs polishing, and some are left unattended, let the goals be life-based goals, health and fitness goals, career goals, financial goals, business goals, personal goals, family goals etc. Setting them up and working out for them is what actually seems important.

Every December we start planning new goals for ourselves, we start taking new resolutions, we all have a plan for the complete upcoming year. We struggle for the whole year, accomplishing our goals, worrying about the future, covering up our past and we forget that the only moment which truly exists is in the present.

We forget to live our present, we forget to accomplish the short term goals- the stepping stones.

When the new year arrives and we look back to the past year, sometimes it becomes disturbing to see things that were left unattended or the goals, the targets which were not accomplished and we usually give up on them while planning new targets for the new year. It’s good to plan new things but as new clothes can only replace the old ones, not the unattended ones, in the same way, new goals cannot replace the goals which are unattended or incomplete.

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The new year brings you a moment where all the past, present and future comes together. Yet it’s just another day in the calendar, a date which comes around every year. Just another one day out of 365 days and this one day sometimes leads us to the situation where we are either scared or not that much charged up to work for our past goals.

We all have to learn how not to give up on our targets, how not to give up on our goals that were already set, not to give up on our past resolutions and most importantly how not to give up on ourselves.

The new year is of course a new beginning, it is a time for reflection and thinking of change. For example, if you set a target of losing 10 kgs weight by new year’s eve and you failed at it, the new year is a chance to change your methods of reaching the goal. Maybe you can try some other workout routine or get on a new diet plan. A new year is a chance to accelerate ourselves for better efficiency. Instead of giving up and demotivating our own selves, we need to find new and efficient ways to make our life better, to add up new targets, new routines.

Eventually, whatever we do is for our own sake of happiness and the biggest challenge of our life right now is to be happy, no matter what challenge life throws, a smile on the face is all we need to deal with them. It’s way easier to sadly sit in a corner, give up and curse destiny, but we all are made up for bigger challenges, to smile and live another day is what 2022 is expecting, to stand up and work for the life we all desire to have and the one we all deserve.

Happy New Year!