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The best thing to have on your resume - Yoga.

Sarvesh Shashi
November 19, 2020
The best thing to have on your resume - Yoga.

Now I'm sure you are thinking if I am simply going to say that individuals who practice yoga are more successful. Would that be an overstatement or do I have a basis for it?

Stay with me for a moment here. There are numerous workouts that can keep you mentally and physically fit. Why Yoga? Why do some of the world’s most successful people have a yoga practice?

You’re about to find out.

Yoga practice seems to do more for the mind, body, and soul, together, than any other fitness regimen. The level of focus, confidence and wellness deliverance is phenomenally high.

  • Focussed thought, patterns, and action-oriented progression set successful people apart.
  • Yogis stay calm and focus to the point of achievement. After all, the ability to stay calm in situations beyond our control is indeed a super-power.
  • Self-awareness is the highest form of intelligence. You may be smart but you won't be the level of smart required to be successful if you are not aware of the self and the surroundings. Yoga puts you on track of being aware and kindles your consciousness, awakening a more realized you.
  • An enhanced and varied worldview arises through a daily yoga practice. Helping you put yourself in the shoes of various individuals, companies, hypothetical situations and more importantly in those of your customers. The ability to shift perspective is a diverse and beneficial gift.
  • A yoga practice keeps you humble. Success without humility brings you back to square one.
  • You have a sense of how you use your time and energy and you tend to choose to be productive and wise. Yoga places emphasis on the breath, bringing awareness to every action. This enhances productivity and workflow.
  • Self-confidence is one of the BIGGEST benefits of practising Yoga. Insecurities or hesitations about making decisions or taking a certain action, fly out of the window. Any need for validation is reduced to zero, and complete faith in the outcomes favouring you is precedent.
  • You are healthier and able to deal with stress better. Good health is a huge success in today’s fast-paced world. Equip yourself with a few asanas, to begin with, and you can witness the change taking over you, for sure. (Hyperlink this to asanas for stress relief)
  • A spirit of positivity, like an undying flame burning bright, is an important characteristic of a leader and successful person. When a person is at peace internally they become clearer of their thoughts and actions, resulting in a higher success rate and happiness in the tasks and goals at hand.
  • Yoga teaches you to enjoy the journey. Success is not a place or a feeling, but it is the experience that has shaped you every step of the way. The 'success' state of mind becomes a part of one's personality, making the necessary paradigm shift.

So? Why wait? Get on that Yoga mat, to compete not with another, but to chisel the best version of yourself.