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Understand calories. Understand weight loss

Subham Sri
December 10, 2021
Weight Loss
Understand calories. Understand weight loss

Yoga For Weight Loss

In India, some major cardiovascular diseases are reported because of obesity. This shows how maintaining your body weight is cardinal. Attaining a healthy lifestyle and understanding calories are vital factors in the process. While practising yoga for weight loss is a great way to start, being cautious about your food choices are necessary too.

Hence, this article covers everything necessary for understanding calories and how to use them effectively. Furthermore, there is a quick guide about yoga exercises for weight loss.

Understanding Calories in Your Food

Calories are nothing but the energy that your body uses. Consuming extra calories increases the chances of unnecessary weight gain. Since all calories are not "good", you must be careful about eating what serves important when understanding calories is that having a balanced meal is the only way out of unnecessary weight gain.

Everyone's platter should consist of roughage, adequate minerals, moderate carbs and good protein. Top this practice with some yoga for weight loss, and we are already on track with our regime! However, all these sound easy in theory, and the real question remains unanswered, i.e., what should you eat?

How Many Calories Should You Eat? - Your Per Day Calorie Count

Diet is something that we follow every day. However, your everyday life's calorie count might vary on your activity levels. An adult needs 1600-2400 calories per day to maintain their ideal weight. The calorie per person varies from one person to another.

You must check your maintenance calorie count and consume fewer quantities from your actual count. Suppose. If your daily maintenance calorie count is 1900 cal, try not to stretch your consumption to more than 1200 cal. Furthermore, practice yoga exercise for weight loss.

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Yoga For Weight Loss: List Of Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

There have been times when people wonder, "Is yoga good for weight loss"? I'd say yoga is the best way to lose weight. This ancient regime helps stretch your muscles and burn fat most effectively. The various stages of yoga, such as yoga for beginner's weight loss or the advanced, enables you to take your fitness regime to another level.

__Here is a list of yoga for weigh loss for beginners __ - Surya Namaskara - Utkastsana - Trikonasana __- Virbhadrasana 2 __

These are some yoga for beginners' weight loss. Practice these on an empty stomach and be mindful about understanding calories for your meals.

Calories and Bodyweight: Understand The Relationship

Consumption of calories and your fluctuating body weight go hand in hand. It is believed that when you consume more calories, you gain weight. Hence, it is said that you must have a proper calorie deficit to maintain your weight loss. Moreover, it is essential to understand that "good calories" are how you lose weight effectively. Hence what you eat will determine how permanent your weight loss will be.

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Calorie Balance Equation: What Are the Most Important Things

Whenever you need to know about how much balance calories must you consume, always keep in mind the two most important factors, - Energy input/ calorie intake - Energy output/ calorie output

These two factors will determine how a calorie is affecting your body. Some calories affect your body positively, and some have the reverse effect. Hence calculating your balance calorie stands cardinal.

There is simple math you need to determine your balance calorie, i.e., Calorie input - calorie output = balance calorie.

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These are some yoga for beginners' weight loss. Practice these on an empty stomach and be mindful about understanding calories for your meals.


Ideally, the maintenance calorie count for an adult ranges from 1600-to 2400 calories. Hence, anything less than your maintenance calorie will help you lose weight.

Weight loss is a gradual process. It needs you to maintain a balanced diet with proper calorie count and timely workouts. Furthermore, weight loss demands overall discipline in your lifestyle.

There are very few ways to do that. One such way is to eat fewer calories and practice intense workouts. In such cases, one must be mindful of fluid intake.

Keeping a close watch on your calorie intake concerning your age is a very cardinal factor. Hence for a male aged 19-51+, the moderate calorie intake ranges between 2000-2400 calories per day. For the females of the same age group, the calorie intake per day ranges from 1600 - to 2000.

These, however, differ from person to person depending on various factors; hence it is wise to consult your coach.

Once you know your daily maintenance calorie, you can chalk out a diet plan that allows you less calorie consumption than your actual count.

Losing weight is a combination of things. Your calorie intake goes hand in hand with what you eat. Hence they are more relative terms. You eat well; you take in good calories.

No, not necessarily. However, understanding calories and guiding yourself in favourable ways helps you lose weight.

Absolutely not. These are some myths surrounding the theory of weight loss. However, weight loss can only be achieved by changing your food choices, calorie intake and daily activity.

There are many exercises and yoga postures that help you lose belly fat. Some of them are described above. Understanding calories and being careful about what you eat helps elevate the process.

Those who follow yoga know that "Surya Namaskara" is the ultimate calorie-burning workout. It includes the movement of every organ in your body and helps to align your breathing pattern. "Surya Namaskara" is the top yoga to enhance mental and physical health.