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What’s Your Spirit Animal?

S. Malavika
September 30, 2020
What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Don’t you feel that there is an undeniable kinship between human beings and other animals? Let’s be honest! At one point in time, we’ve all experienced a unique connection subconsciously with animals, birds etc.

Cultures around the world have diverse outlooks about the powerful relationship between man and animal. According to the Mayans of Central America, human beings used to share their souls with an animal spirit. The Ancient Egyptians revered animals as their gods who took the form of hawks, jackals, and cats. Also, they often formed even religions around a specific animal.

Among all these perceptions, the idea of spiritual animals comes from a Native American tradition. It has appeared throughout their mythology. Even the idea of a Patronus in Harry Potter- a protective force that appears as an animal that correlates to a person’s inner characters directly nods to the concept of the spiritual animal!

Have you ever wondered which animal watches over you? Let’s find out whether any of the below animals have managed to sneak a little of themselves in your life!


This beautiful creature is associated with the symbolism of powerful transformation in life and personality. The butterfly is your spirit animal if you find joy in life and the lightness of being. You are always playful and love nature. You love changes in your life cycle and find elevation from earthly matters.


The dog as a spirit animal represents love, loyalty, and protection. If you are steady, kind and loving then the dog is your spirit animal. People who have dogs as their totem will often work in fields that allow them to serve others. Also, people who are experiencing loneliness may find the dog totem appearing in their lives as a reminder that loyalty and companionship exist in this world.


In the kingdom of spirit animals, the tiger symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and the ability to trust yourself. If you have an affinity to this spirit animal, you enjoy making decisions in life matters spontaneously and act fast whenever needed. It also symbolizes willpower, courage, and personal strength.


This spirit animal helps you understand your boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life. If you have a panda as your totem, you may feel the need for strong physical and material comfort to be at ease in life. You’d come across as someone who gives importance to emotions and also has a positive outlook on life.


This powerful spirit animal offers lessons about looking closely into the minute details to understand different perspectives of life. If you have an eagle as your totem, you are grounded. You always try to build a solid foundation for your future. This spirit animal is frequently associated with wisdom and freedom. With this totem, you have an amazing ability to heal yourself and the world.


The peacock totem is the epitome of beauty with grace. This spirit animal offers lessons on self-love, integrity and the importance of facing challenges with immense courage and confidence. If you have a peacock as your totem, you understand the need for being light-hearted. This graceful totem is most frequently connected with wise vision, awakening, spirituality and a lot more!