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Why Partner yoga is the best way to reconnect in your relationships?

Dhiral Sampat
October 05, 2020
  Why Partner yoga is the best way to reconnect in your relationships?

Soulmates. Partners. Best friends. Lovers.

We give different names to our relationships, but do we take the required efforts to maintain or even better our relationships?

Do you know why most relationships break easily, it is usually because one individual gives too much or too little. When we start taking the people in our life for granted, the process of losing them begins. While we might think it is difficult to know how to strike the perfect balance in a relationship, the answer is usually right in front of us.

All things that are valuable in this world need work and effort to go on. Today, we'll let you in on a secret, yoga is one of the best tools that can help you connect with your friend, soulmate, partner, or lover.

As widely known, yoga is a journey within, it helps you discover and empowers you to be truly aware of yourself. But it can also help you rekindle your relationships by synergizing your energy with your partner! And partner yoga is the best way to do so!

Yoga has a calming effect on the mind and body, it makes you mindful of your breath. You can proactively focus on the now. During partner yoga, you are experiencing this with your partner, each moment that you spend together binds you in that unique experience. It enables you to cherish every moment.

By sharing your practice there is a deeper connection that is created in your relationship. Partner yoga is all about support, physically and emotionally during the practice of yoga asanas.

Partner yoga adds up the fun factor to the practice. Picture an asana wherein you have to balance your partner on your feet while they feel the cool wind in their hair, almost as if they're flying! Imagine the beautiful memories that you will create together.

Partner yoga not only gives you the basic benefits of yoga but also aids you in bonding and strengthening your relationships. It allows you and your partner to stretch your limits and loosen up.

What you need to be mindful of during the practice is paying attention to your partners' needs and communicating. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship!

Here is a list of few amazing asanas that you can practice with your partner:

  • Back Bird Pose
  • Boat Pose (Paripurna Navasana)
  • Camel Pose
  • High- Flying Whale Pose
  • Chair pose

Yoga works best when you and your partner, both are open to change. When you're mindful of accepting the other without conditions. Yoga is a union, it harmonizes the mind and the body.

The same principle is applied during partner yoga, it works on aligning you with your partner, it aids you in surrendering, and it encourages you to trust someone other than yourself.