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Yoga – A Retreat For Your Mind

Shraddha Iyer
February 04, 2021
Yoga – A Retreat For Your Mind

All is mind and mind is all. The basis of every experience seems to be rooted in the back seat of the mind. Marking the difference and adding value to the individual experience. The mind space in the broadest sense is a retreat for the mind, a place of being, relaxation and idealistic contemplation. Does this mean you can take staycations and vacations by retreating into your mind?

Is a holiday, a physical place or a state of mind? We often exclaim to be, in a 'Holiday state of mind'.

Taking relaxing breaks to unwind is something we all subscribe to. Being able to connect with nature and with yourself is what gives you a fresh perspective and renewed zest for life. Let’s see how Yoga serves as a retreat!

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness that is known to be the most relaxed conscious state. A place that is between being awake and asleep. Also, commonly known as ‘yogic sleep’, this state, transcends every wonder of the world.

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The practice of yoga is one that aids in the building of personal space. A mind-body-soul space which you can choose to retreat to, to balance, rejuvenate, relax and rebuild. The science of yoga deals with the recreation of matter. A yoga practice sculpts the body and replenishes the internal organs, silences the mind and reveals the soul. If that does not sound like true alchemy and transformation, What does?


Yoga with meditation takes you to the mind space of eternal bliss, where you are allowed to create as you please. Visualizing the lush green rainforests, a serene flowing stream, the view from the top of a high peak. Yoga simplifies the asanas and explains them in relation to science. Application of these life philosophies is what expands the horizons of the mind to allow the possibility of a metaphysical retreat designed just for you. The feeling of being transported from the time-space reality is a true retreat for your mind.

Yoga can indeed take your mind, places!