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Yoga for a healthy heart

Wellness coach
March 28, 2021
Yoga for a healthy heart

A healthy heart is vital for a healthy life, despite age. In the recent times, age has come to be considered merely a number. As the lifestyle becomes increasingly sedentary, health issues pertaining to the heart are on the rise, knocking at one’s door without a warning.

Blame it on the negligence and the current lifestyle where one is always stressed and in a constant rush, the attention on health is lost. High levels of cholesterol and blood pressure add up to deteriorating heart health. In the pretext of not finding enough time, we often skip our health check-ups and all the warning signs that our body gives out.

Well, if you want your heart to continue keeping you fine, begin your practice before you run out of time!

Yoga is the smart and fast fix to lead a happy and healthy life! Yoga is a practice which is a melange of breathing, meditation, and stretching. With these asanas and regulated breathing, your heart will be happy and healthy!

Tadasana (Mountain pose): Mountain pose is one of the most basic yoga poses that one can practice. It helps in strengthening the vertebral column and heart. When done with deep breathing, it expands the lungs and oxygenates the blood, thus energizing the body and mind. To practice Tadasana, stand with your feet a few inches apart, arms placed next to the thighs. Now, slowly breath in and bring your hands in front of your body, slight stretch and entwine your fingers. Turn your fingers outwards and slowly lift your hands above your crown, bringing your palms together. Keep your legs and arms straight, get on your toes and breathe out. Hold the pose for a few seconds.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose): Trikonasana is yet another simple yet effective yoga pose that is designed specifically to improve cardiovascular health. The asana involves deep rhythmic breathing, which makes it an effective pose that helps release stress and keeps the blood pressure in check. To practice Trikonasana, stand straight with a gap of few inches between your feet, making sure they’re pointed outwards, towards the end of the mat. Slowly breathe in and bend down sideways with the right hand holding the right calf. Breathe out and lift the left arm above the crown and look at the left palm. Hold the pose for a few seconds and breathe in & out. Repeat the same pose for the other side.

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Savasana (Corpse Pose): One of the major reasons why people, especially the younger generation have heart issues is increased levels of stress. Savasana is the art of stillness. This asana helps you focus on your breathing, calming your nerves and in turn helping you relieve stress and anxiety. It works towards improving the overall health of the heart and helping you move towards a mindful lifestyle. To practice Savasana, lay down with your hands on either side, close to your body. Focusing on your breath, clear your mind and remain in this state of tranquility for a few minutes.

These are a few easy poses that aid you towards a healthy heart. These simple asanas can be practiced by a beginner in the yoga practice. There are more advanced poses which aid in promoting the heart’s health which requires conscious and continuous practice. Overall, a healthy heart, free of stress & anxiety, leads to a better quality of living.