Diva Yoga

Yoga for tennis. Advantage, you.

Shraddha Iyer
November 24, 2020
Yoga for tennis. Advantage, you.

Tennis is a dreamy game no matter if you play it or not. Usually, tennis players have many challenges to keep themselves mentally and physically aligned, this game on the court asks a player to be stable with the mind, the transformation of strength and flexibility to bring up unexpected smash.

Here are few postures which can help you with the best preparations to improve your game and coordination between body and movements of the body with a focused and calm mind.

1. Setu Bandhasana

Keeping your back completely surrendered on the floor slowly bring heels close to hips and apart shoulders level inhale and raise your middle portion upwards while the neck, shoulder blades, feet, and palms stay on the ground. Repeat this 20 times with breathwork or hold for a minimum of 30-40 seconds.

This practice improves your focus and unexpected areas of balance and stamina.

Setu Bandhasana

2. Veerbhadrasana

Widely open your legs sidewise making sure that sole is completely on the floor and balance can be maintained slowly turning your toes fully towards right keeping your pelvic low to the ground and creating 90 degrees fold while keeping your hands in T on shoulder level holding for min 30 sec or 20 counts, repeating the same from left side including both sides repeating it 10 times.

This posture helps to open your hamstrings and calf muscles strengthen joints. It inspires you to feel strong, confident and like a winner, it also improves your steps strategies while preserving your stamina and energy.


3. Bhujangasana

Lie down on the floor keeping the abdominal area and forehead on the ground, keep your palms on the side of the ribs, elbows pointing each other while toes add join keeping lower back and hips non-squeezed and raising chin, chest, and navel up from ground maintaining open shoulders. One can repeat it 20 times or can be held for 30 seconds minimum.

This practice helps you to spin the ball and shoulders are flexible and strong which brings unbelievable power and lightning in one's game.


4. Tadasana

Stand up on your legs keeping distance shoulder level and the second toe in direction of knees. Interlock your fingers, raise your hands towards the sky keeping upwards facing palms and lifting your heels maintained on toes while stretching high.

This practice can be combined with breath with min 20 repetitions. Tadasana is beneficial to have perfect legs and balance while performing on the tennis court.


5. Ardhachandrasan

Joining your heels and toes together, interlocking fingers palm facing outwards bending at right, hold the pose for a minimum of 20-30 seconds, keep breathing from the centre during this process. Repeat the same bending towards the left. Repeat this process 10 times on each side while maintaining your shoulders in a sidewise square.

This practice will help you to create angles during your game and serve challenges to your opponents.