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Yoga is the key to world peace

Dhiral Sampat
September 27, 2020
Yoga is the key to world peace

Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. - Ronald Reagan

Often we're conflicted within ourselves when we are faced with un-favouring situations, pessimistic emotions, or uncontrollable circumstances. And we tend to attract more chaotic situations, and unwanted difficulties, while we're cluelessly trying to figure out why everything is going wrong. Is there an explanation as to WHY?

We all know about the law of attraction; what we feel and think we attract. We tend to get into a loop of attracting the 'bad things' that continue happening to us while we try to juggle between problems.

How do we stop this? Can we? Yes, we can. The answer is through Yoga.

Yoga is the best way to achieve clarity of thoughts. It helps you stop the problematic cycle and brings you on a path of problem-solving. This doesn't mean that with yoga we will never have to face any difficulties, yoga enables you to handle the chaos more efficiently than you previously would've.

The reason we're talking about the internal chaos is that when we are not at peace within, when we feel stressed, confused, and indecisive we tend to reflect the chaos within, to the outside world.

You feeling internally chaotic contributes to the larger chaos of the world. Whereas when we are at peace within, we look at difficult situations with a new perspective.

By living the yoga lifestyle we internalize peace and calm. When asanas are rightly coupled with yogic breathing the effect that it has is larger than we believe. The science of aligning your body and chakras through practice opens up a new array of the effects that simple breathing techniques and movements could have on your mind and body.

The results of a daily practice of yoga go beyond the changes that are visible, the mental and emotional changes that we undergo often goes unacknowledged.

People have known to become calmer, de-stressed, empathic, and positive in their approach towards life.

Many successful world leaders also swear by the yoga lifestyle! The reason being yoga helps you become your best. Our very own PM, Mr Narendra Modi is a prime example of this.

Imagine if all rulers and leaders in history had practised Yoga; high chances are that there would have been minimal wars for land or wealth, there would have been empathic ruling/governance, clearer decision making and what a beautiful place the world would've been.

However, while we can't change the past, we can change the future. World peace is a possibility, yes, but the key is to take the required efforts. The regular practice of yoga by the 7 billion people on the earth would be the cause of world peace!