Diva Yoga

Yoga makes you better-looking. But more a better person.

Aishwarya Tomar
July 08, 2021
Yoga makes you better-looking. But more a better person.

All of us assume beauty is just about physical appearance, but what if I told you that beauty is a lot more than that. It is about how you feel within, how healthy you are. A lot of researches show a strong connection between physical beauty and the beauty that lies within. Beauty, as we know, is more than just skin, it is skin deep.

Practising yoga regularly gets your body all charged up that brings a healthy change to your inside and out. Here’s how. Regular practice of yoga leads to better hair, nails, and skin. It also gives one mental peace, harmony within themselves, changing even the things that don’t meet the normal eye. Beyond yoga flawless skin and beautiful hair, yoga teaches the virtue of satisfaction which is important to be happy, making peace with oneself and the surroundings. Like how they say ‘face is the index of the mind,’ when you are content from within, it is what you reflect out, making you more beautiful.

Meditation, a simple yet effective practice that teaches a person to practise being idle yet focused, not wavering into thoughts that bring no gain. It is an excellent method to enhance inner and outer beauty. By regular meditation, the chakras are balanced, you are in tune with your inner self and stress-free, which in turn is reflected on the outside through glowing skin and a vibrant face. Regulated breathing enables proper circulation of oxygen in your body, which rejuvenates the skin and body cells, balancing your mind and enabling mindfulness. Through meditation and mindful breathing, you are empowering your body with healing energies that aid you in the journey to being beautiful inside out.

A person who is balanced, at peace with himself and internally happy, automatically reflects it on the outside through healthier skin, hair, and body. Yoga is an excellent medium to align yourself, balance your vitals and make you happier, beautiful and more peaceful.