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Yoga Poses for 2: Top 15 Yoga Poses for two people | Sarva Yoga

July 05, 2022
Yoga Poses for 2: Top 15 Yoga Poses for two people | Sarva Yoga

Yoga can be practised in groups or by yourself. Practising couple yoga together may be a delightful way for friends, lovers, or even random park visitors to get to know one another better. Partner yoga improves trust, communication, and connection.

In addition, it strengthens your asana practice and offers you a fantastic stretch. Do not be alarmed if it initially seems strange or unsettling. Yoga poses can be quite simple when performed by two people. So, if you are looking for beginner yoga poses for 2, then you have landed in the right place. Read this article to understand 2 person yoga poses.

Yoga Poses For Two People: What Is It?

Partner yoga, often known as couples yoga, is the practice of yoga poses with two individuals. AcroYoga is used when even more acrobatic joy is present. While enhancing flexibility, balance, and posture, practising with a partner or friend may be a pleasant way to improve your connection on and off the mat. Partner yoga has a wide range of health advantages, including mental and physical benefits such as lowered stress, enhanced muscle tone, and improved breathing.

Everyone wishing to reap the rewards of the practice should try yoga positions for two persons while strengthening their relationship with a partner. Stretching before yoga is a must, and good communication with your partner is essential to ensuring everyone's comfort and safety. These involve a great deal of confidence.

Benefits Of 2 Person Yoga Poses

The benefits of 2 person yoga poses are stated below:

1. Be Sensible

On a deeper level, many people in today's society experience an irrational dread of proximity. It can be challenging to be honest and expose private elements of ourselves on social media when everyone else seems to have their lives together perfectly.

2. Let Go

Yoga poses for two people have a strong emphasis on letting go. By helping them to let go of their ego in a social setting, partner yoga takes this to the next level. Of course, once the partners are alone on the mat, they experience profound release and reflection.

3. Build Relationships

Yoga positions for two people are transformative because they help strengthen and relax our bodies while promoting connection. While simultaneously exposing themselves to the enjoyment, vulnerability, and perhaps a little embarrassment of messing up and learning together, they develop accountability for our fitness regimens.

Yoga for two people helps us strengthen their bonds both on and off the mat. Acro yoga, one of the more challenging variants of couples yoga, offers an opportunity for mental, emotional, and physical connection. Be prepared for lots of laughs, silly mistakes, and entertaining conversations!

15 Best Yoga Poses For Two People

Listed below are the best yoga poses for two persons:

Beginner Easy Yoga Poses For 2:

Partner Forward Fold: This simple yoga position for two stretches the hamstrings. Cat Cow Pose: The seated cat-cow position for couples includes excellent back, hip, core stretches and chest opening.

Twin Trees: This balance stance expands the hips and improves posture and balance.

Chair Pose: The benefit of this pose helps in improving posture and quadriceps strength.

Temple Pose: A fantastic partner position to widen the shoulders and chest. Double Downward Dog: A restorative pose that lengthens the spine and helps you focus.

Intermediate Yoga Poses For Two People:

The intermediate-level yoga poses in this section are for two persons. Try these postures if you feel like a challenge after practising the simple beginner yoga poses for two people in the previous section. Compared to the basic poses, these postures require more flexibility and strength. Let's get started!

Buddy Boat Pose: This yoga position for two individuals strengthens the abdominal muscles while stretching the hamstrings and lower back.

Double Plank Pose: A stance that appears simpler than it is! This one strengthens the entire body while concentrating on the core. If the ensuing exercises seem too simple, stay reading and try the challenging yoga poses for two!

Square Posture Pose: This pose helps in opening the shoulders and stretching the hamstrings and lower back.

Extended Forward Leg Pose: Includes improved posture and balance and the development of trust between you and your partner.

Warrior 3 Pose: This famous pose's variation enhances balance and expands the chest.

Hard 2 Person Yoga Poses

The advanced-level yoga positions that are shown below are for two persons. Some of the positions in this section borrow techniques from the yoga style known as acro yoga. Acro yoga combines elements of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. These positions require a lot of strength, flexibility, and balance, as you might think.

We do not recommend doing these postures on your own if you are a beginner since a trained professional can position and spot you to prevent damage. Find an acro yoga class close to you because the discipline is rising in popularity around the country.

Wheel Pose: Benefits of the Wheel Pose include a deep backbend and help with shoulder and hip flexibility.

Flying Bow: This challenging position increases lower body strength for the base person. For the top person, it opens the chest, lengthens the spine, and relieves tension.

Flying Paschi: This posture for two strengthens the base person's lower body and core while stretching the top person's hamstrings and lower back.

Flying Superman: This yoga posture stretches and builds the chest, shoulders, and arm muscles and the legs, abdomen, and lower back. A versatile person!


We hope you must have an idea for a couple of yoga by now. So, these were the easy yoga poses for 2 that you can do to develop immunity, strength, and love together. Towards the end of this article, we have tried to answer questions related to 2 person yoga poses.


These are the three easy yoga poses:

  • Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
  • Child's Pose (Balasana)
  • Cat/Cow Pose (Marjaryasana to Bitilasana)

By following these steps, you can do hard yoga poses:

  • Warm-up your wrists before attempting this pose.
  • To prevent elbows from spreading to the sides, wrap a strap across your upper arms.
  • You can practice balancing by putting a yoga block under your feet on its shortest side.
  • If you are worried about falling, put a pillow under your face

Since you must already be aware, doing yoga poses with a partner or a couple is known as partner yoga or couples yoga. Yoga can be done in pairs. Doing the couple yoga challenge may develop your relationship with a friend or partner on and off the mat while enhancing posture, flexibility, and balance.

Couples who practise couples yoga must pay close attention to each other in the present and collaborate to achieve their shared objectives.

These are the following yoga poses for two people:

  • Double Tree Pose
  • Double Standing Forward Fold
  • Sitting Spinal Twist
  • Partner Boat Pose
  • Seated Forward Bend
  • Double Downward Dog
  • Standing Partner Backbend
  • Seated Forward and Backbends

The extreme yoga poses for two persons can be done by:

  • Beginning where you are.
  • Decide to practise yoga consistently.
  • Please find the best instructors you can, then study with them frequently.
  • Allow it time—at least five to ten years.

The handstand scorpion pose, or Taraksvasana in Sanskrit, is one of the trickiest in all yoga. You must have excellent balance, flexibility, and strength to perform it.