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How yoga can help you develop healthy lifestyle habits

Aditi Sadh
December 24, 2021
How yoga can help you develop healthy lifestyle habits

Ever since I started doing yoga, it completely changed my way of living and helped me develop healthy lifestyle habits. If I look back to my life before yoga, it was filled with increasing weight due to thyroid, stress and anxiety. So, I started doing yoga to make myself fit and healthy. It has helped me reduce weight, reduced my thyroid problem, made me more flexible, and helped me gain strength. After it changed my life completely, I decided to choose yoga as a profession so that I could help other people live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.

Yoga has the power to develop healthy lifestyle habits along with keeping you fit and focused. Yoga is known worldwide but it became more popular in these troubling lockdown times.

Yoga keeps your body and mind both in sync and helps you develop healthy lifestyle habits. It helps you look in the right direction and fills your life with positivity. Doing yoga along with healthy eating habits is a very good combination for a healthier lifestyle.

De-stress: Everyone knows that yoga helps keep your body healthy, but most of you are unaware that it also helps you in keeping your mind healthy by making you calm and stress-free through meditation and certain breathing exercises.

Pain management: Yoga helps you in reducing your pain in ways you have never imagined, this I can say from personal experience. If you practise yoga daily and do certain asanas, it will help become more flexible and will also ease your pain. Yoga helps you cure both physical and emotional pain at the same time.

Healthier life: Incorporating yoga in your daily lifestyle will make your life more stress-free, as yoga helps in reducing the effects of stress hormones by lowering your blood pressure and making you more relaxed which improves your heart rate. It also helps in many cases of depression, anxiety, fatigue and asthma.

When you start practising yoga daily you will start seeing changes in yourself and make it your everyday habit. Replacing bad habits with a yoga routine will automatically make you more focused on living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Sleep better: What you want in your habits to change might also include a good night's sleep, which most people in today's fast-moving world are unable to get. Yoga promotes a good sleep if you practise it daily along with 15-20 minutes of meditation and some breathing exercises. Certain breathing and meditation techniques help you in keeping your mind, body, and soul in sync and keep them calm.

Healthy food choices: Certain people are food junkies and love binge eating. Yoga helps you in keeping your food habits healthy and even helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels. It also helps in constipation, digestion and maintaining low blood sugar levels which helps in reducing the risk of other complications and risks in a diabetic person. It will help you develop healthy lifestyle habits and keep you more focused on them.

There are many benefits of doing yoga along with making your body fit and healthy. Yoga is the best practice to include in your daily routine to develop healthy lifestyle habits which help you in keeping fit not only your physical body but also your spiritual body and mind.

Conclusion: We all know that we are all very busy in this fast-changing world where this pandemic has slowed down our lives and showed us that it's very important to take care of our health and family. Practising yoga takes only 30 minutes of your time and it has an enormous number of benefits making you and your family adopt a lifestyle that is healthy and stress-free. Yoga will change your way of living as developing healthy lifestyle habits not just makes your body healthy but also helps you keep your mind and soul healthy physically and socially.