Diva Yoga


Wellness coach
May 15, 2020

A prop that is inspired from the Iyengar practice belt can be a useful tool to use and can help achieve proper alignment and deeper stretch and range of movement in an asana.


  • It helps improve posture and alignment
  • Exceptional for binds especially for people with tight hamstrings and shoulders
  • Useful tool to achieve previously inaccessible asanas
  • Helps achieve a deeper stretch, without compromising form
  • Improve the flexibility

Use the strap to address your tight areas, stop oneself from reaching into poses, tensing your shoulders and rounding your back and strap yourself into restorative poses getting an incredible stretch making asanas more effective and enjoyable.

There are countless ways to use the strap for your advantage. In seated poses, yoga straps can be used around the feet to hold poses, especially for those with tight hips. In standing poses where balance is key, the strap can also be looped around your foot to increase your flexibility without losing your form.

Yoga straps can also be great to get a more intense stretch for your shoulders and chest (eg- cow face pose below). Lastly, for arm balance poses like downward dog, the strap can be used to keep your elbows from going out

Precautions Make sure one is not overextending themselves, specially in mobility movements It's important to see the back alignment while using belt