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Pragya kumari

Pragya kumari

About Pragya

Pragya believes that Yoga is an ocean of bliss. With 7 years of experience as a Yogi, and an MA in Yoga(University of patanjali), Pragya has been a part of the SARVA family for a while. She has taught over 200+ students in SARVA and has been able to change their lives for the better. She is a Pranic healer herself and her experience in both Yoga as well as pranic healing makes her an empathetic person who listens and guides patiently. Her inspiration to start Yoga was her father, who supported her whole heartedly for this. Her advice to beginners is don't force the body, listen to it and care for it. Her aim in life is to continue teaching beginners and later become a teacher who teaches advanced yogis. Be prepared to really enjoy Pragya’s classes because she is an absolute charmer. She is the perfect coach to help you with the goals of weight loss and general fitness.

Apart from individual specialities, Pragya kumari is proficient in SARVA's 25 forms of yoga and has completed a detailed 200-hour practical training from SARVA that includes the classical styles of yoga, yoga with different props, and many more.

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