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Sanupriya Rai

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Finding the harmony between the mind and body is the principle Sanu Priya lives by. With 5 years of experience in the field of yoga, an M.SC in yoga sciences degree (University of patnajali) and teaching 200+ members, Sanu Priya strives to be happier each day while helping her members achieve their happiness through yoga. She was fascinated by the uniqueness of yoga and began her journey to find peace within. When asked what is the one piece of advice she would give a beginner to yoga she said, “It’s important to be an inquisitive learner, just practising asanas does not suffice.” She’s a yogini and a yoga trainer who will make sure that you reach your goal you set for yourself through your yoga journey. She’s from the royal city of Udaipur in India and is an expert at Vinyasa abs & core workout, so trust her to push your limits and not give up on you until you accomplish that health goal that you’ve been wanting to reach. She’s been with us for 2 years now and absolutely loves teaching SARVA’s 25 forms of yoga so you can expect a lot of variety in her sessions. She is the perfect coach to help you with the goals of de-stressing, weight loss, sleep and general fitness.

Apart from individual specialities, Sanupriya Rai is proficient in SARVA's 25 forms of yoga and has completed a detailed 200-hour practical training from SARVA that includes the classical styles of yoga, yoga with different props, and many more.

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