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Shambuling Kalligudd

Shambuling Kalligudd

About Shambuling

Shambuling Kalligudd truly believes in the concept of Yoga for better life owing to his personal experience with yoga. He began the practice of yoga to improve his health and this led him to pursue yoga full-time as a trainer. Shambu as he is known in the SARVA circle, has been practising yoga for 8 years and has completed multiple certifications like CCYS in Karnataka University, YIC in Vyasa Bangalore, and PGDYT in Mysore Vivekananda yoga education Mysore, during his 5+ years with SARVA he has taught 500+ members. His one piece of advice for a beginner in yoga is to ‘practise’, keep at your yoga practice and you’ll see results. He wants to teach yoga people for a better and healthy life and help them achieve their goals. Shambuling persistently strives to improve his yoga journey and while doing so he’s achieved prizes in district level and state level yoga competitions. Under his guidance, you can be sure to achieve the goals that have inspired you to begin your journey with yoga. He is the perfect coach to help you if your goal is weight loss and general fitness.

Apart from individual specialities, Shambuling Kalligudd is proficient in SARVA's 25 forms of yoga and has completed a detailed 200-hour practical training from SARVA that includes the classical styles of yoga, yoga with different props, and many more.

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