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Shraddha Iyer

About Shraddha

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” is a quote by Rumi that inspires Shraddha. With an experience of 8 years in the field of yoga Shraddha has taught hundreds of members with SARVA. She has completed 1200 hours Rishi culture Ashtanga yoga 200 hours Hatha yoga 200 hours Ashtanga yoga(The yoga institute, international centre of yoga research and education, Asana yoga, AYG Academy) , and other allied yoga certifications. She is an internationally certified sound healer from IASH. Shraddha turned to yoga for healing her body and mind and ever since she experienced the transformation in her own life she set on a journey to teach many people the benefits of yoga in the process to learn more. Having been a corporate employee Shraddha completely understands the needs and requirements of a common sedentary life worker. Her one piece of advice to a beginner in yoga is, “Let go of wanting to achieve asanas, just go with the flow and let the magic work.” In her 6 years of working with SARVA she’s helped her members achieve their potential and happiness, you expect to feel at peace, calm and achieve your fitness goals during your classes with Shraddha. She is the perfect coach to help you with the goals of de-stressing, weight loss, sleep and general fitness.

Apart from individual specialities, Shraddha Iyer is proficient in SARVA's 25 forms of yoga and has completed a detailed 200-hour practical training from SARVA that includes the classical styles of yoga, yoga with different props, and many more.

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